Week Two: Who is Singing American Blues Song?

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Here is story in newspaper about famous American blues singer Bo Diddley, who is performing most famous composition "John B. Good" using only Russian balalaika.

Here is story in newspaper about famous American blues singer Bo Diddley, who is performing most famous composition “Ivan B. Goode” using only Russian balalaika.

Early weeks of American college football season is confusing time, when fan is sometimes seeing unexpected upset of strong team, defeated by weak team. This is because strong team is playing at so-so, instead of elite, level in early games, and is also maybe scheduling weak, cupcake team from different tier. This is hurting results in Commie Football supercomputer.

Ducks of Oregon and Crimson Tide of Alabama is two teams always near very top of Top Power ranking. They are maybe thinking same as many, lazy American that it is destiny or will of capitalist God to be in hunt for playoffs every season!

Week Two of 2014 Commie Football season is reminder game to both teams that for every game on schedule, is important for giving maximum performance! Oregon is losing with embarrassment to Golden Bears of California 29-25, and Crimson Tide is falling 26-23 to weak Memphis Tigers, a team only playing on Tier 1 level for first time this season following promotion! Metropolis of Memphis is mythical home of American blues music genre. This is why all of Alabama SSR (and Oregon SSR) is now singing American blues song.

Here is other news following Week Two schedule:

District 1: Temple Owls (2-0) is surprise all alone at top of North Division after upset 22-14 victory over Rutgers (0-2). Penn State (2-0) is taking dermo on archrival Pitt (1-1), 32-15. West Virginia and Cavaliers of Virginia is also remain unbeaten.

District 2: Gamecocks of South Carolina (1-1) is proving might to Georgia Bulldogs (1-1), winning by 38-35 final score. “Unbeaten Kentucky” is phrase I am surprised to be typing, but Wildcats are winning big 53-28 vs. Georgia Tech (0-2). NC State (2-0) is other unbeaten team in District, after defeating Virginia Tech 39-19.

Is week of blowout victory in District 3, where Buckeyes of Ohio State (1-1) is destroying Kent State Golden Flashes by 66-0 score. Also looking like contender is Bowling Green Falcons (1-1), following 63-24 victory over Ball State. Thundering Herd of Marshall (1-1) is also scoring many points in 56-21 victory over surprising bad Cincinnati Bearcats (0-2). Only unbeaten team in District is Notre Dame, after 25-15 victory over Michigan Wolverines (0-2).

All District 4 is feeling shock after huge 26-23 upset of Memphis Tigers (2-0)  beating Alabama (0-2). Auburn (2-0) is taking Florida Gators (1-1) by tail with 34-29 victory. Ole Miss (2-0) is raising all eyebrows after scoring 59 points in victory over Vandy (0-2). In East Division, is of course Florida State and LSU both unbeaten.

District 5: Huskies of Northern Illinois (1-1) is feeling with confidence as best team in Illinois SSR, but Fighting Illini (1-1) is having different opinion, and is winning 44-34. Hawkeyes of Iowa is only unbeaten team left in District, following narrow 25-23 victory over Kansas Jayhawks (0-2).

District 6: Texas A&M Aggies (2-) is defeating archrival Longhorns of Texas (1-1) by score of 29-13. Baylor Bears (2-0) is continuing with strong look, showing newcoming UTSA (1-1) who is boss of Texas SSR, 38-27. SMU (0-2) is somehow scoring 4 points in loss to rival TCU Horned Frogs (1-1).

In District 7, Oklahoma State (1-1) is maybe being little bit bully toward in-state cousin Tulsa Golden Hurricane, with sickening 72-11 victory. Utah State Aggies is still showing that 2012 championship victory is not fluke, is beating rival Utah Utes 36-31. In bragging right game of Arizona SSR, it is Sun Devils of ASU (1-1) defeating Arizona Wildcats (1-1) 33-29 and plundering glorious Territorial Cup to Tempe.

Biggest news from District 8 is defeat of Oregon Ducks (1-1) by Golden Bears of California, who is now surprise 2-0. Outcomes of other games is how you are maybe expecting. Is yet six unbeaten teams in District.

WHAT IS HAPPENING ON TIER 2? Is also many good and surprise games on Tier 2 in Week Two. But is still early in season, is no Ivy League games yet for supercomputer data, is no Top Power rankings yet released, and results is maybe to be ingested with pebble of salt.

A few things: Florida A&M (1-1) is finally snapping 13-game streak of losing with 25-22 victory over rival Bethune-Cookman (0-2). Eastern Illinois (0-2) who was surprise power team last season, is losing 36-7 to Missouri State. New relegated team Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks (1-1) is looking bad in 21-12 loss to Stephen F. Austin (2-0).

FACT THAT IS FOR HAVING FUN: 1960 album Bo Diddley is a Gunslinger is evidence of underground sympathy against government, and is primary crime for which Bo Diddley is later dying in Siberian gulag.

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