May Condoleezza Be With You

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Here is photo Intern Bobby is taking when I am seeing vision of Condi in blizzard.

Here is photo Intern Bobby is taking at same time I am seeing vision of Condi in blizzard.

Is difficult week. During severe blizzard, pack of rabid yenot (Intern Bobby is saying this is like American raccoon) is again attacking Commie Football headquarter in try to kill, maybe eat Bobby. Attack is also damaging steam-power server and many critical equipment for running website.

Many is meeting death by bayonet, but is too many yenot. One night, hungry creature is chewing through petrol line, causing fire. I am instructing Bobby to rescue computer equipment and critical electronic files, but he is running to hide in latrine. For this reason, headquarter shack is burning to ground, like 1812 Fire of Moscow. Is good luck for Bobby I am rescuing few computer equipment, bayonets, and provision for long journey on feet through cold forest to secret, secondary headquarter. For critical electronic files, is lucky I am using storage/backup solution in Internet cloud.

Is taking three days to make journey in deep snow. I am giving extra food to Bobby. If intern is dying during internship, is possible for many legal troubles. While carrying 40 kilo in equipment, I am falling into crevasse, injuring leg and lower back. Am using Ethernet cable as rope and harness for lift out myself. Then, I am seeing Bobby is having bad shivers, so I am giving extra clothing. For this reason, I am later having frost-biting and needing to remove dead, gangrene skin from lower leg, with bayonet.

Later same day, I am asking Bobby for small drink of vodka to make warm inside stomach. He is instead giving me jar of petrol. Is saying “by accident.” On next day, I am seeing many strange vision. Most vivid vision is Condoleezza Rice (see photograph above), who is saying to me that secondary base is in slight different direction. Condi is also reading Manifesto, and is agreeing Commie Football is superior system to unfair College Football Playoff, and is making secret plan: as CFP committee member, Condi is using lethal combination of superior intellect, diplomatic expertise, and classical piano playing to agitate for 16-team playoff system. I am explaining of additional necessary reforms to college football schedule and organization, but Condi is not listen. Instead is playing beautiful piano medley of music by greatest composers of all times, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff. Condi is like angel….

But pleasant experience is ending sudden, when Bobby is loud falling on rucksack containing metal items and many jars of glass. Is including fresh water for drinking, waste water to prevent wolves from tracking smell, and last of petrol. Great noise and foul odor is attracting attention of nearby wolf pack.

Hot tub

Intern Bobby here. I flipped the lights on in this chamber and I was all like, whaaaaaaaa? Can you say “goryachaya vanna”?

But with help of Condi vision, we are soon near location of hidden trap door to new Commie Football headquarter. Is difficult to find during great blizzard storm, but Bobby is helping with discovery when falling three meters through rusted ventilation cover into privy chamber.


Because fire disaster is in December, after end of regular season, is yet much time to make total recovery before Commie Football playoffs is beginning in January.

Furnace at new headquarter is frozen. I am ordering Bobby to chisel ice, dig fresh coal from small mining chamber, and build fire in oven of furnace.

But first, lazy Intern Bobby is having to halt current activity – endless feast of emergency food supplies from cold storage chamber and making loud singing in hot tub!

Stupid History of American College Football Champion

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Logo for College Football Playoff is being based on cave drawing made by Neanderthal

Logo for College Football Playoff is being based on cave drawing made by Neanderthal many thousands of years ago.


For many years, angry American college football fans is arguing about best teams playing for championship. Is ancient tradition, older than sport itself, encoded in DNA of human species. Fans is like poor peasant nevol’nik, forever hungry. Is happy to boil and eat leather from own dirty shoe, because is tasting better than der’mo goulash older ancestor is eating.

College Football Playoff is making big promise to fix system and give to fans best format to determine one true champion at end of season. This is lie! CFP is simple repeating of history, with purpose to make most money for wealthy capitalist dogs! Even innocent, true angel Condoleezza is succumbing to seduction!

Below you are reading history of failure to determine yearly champion of American college football, and learning truth about many flaws of CFP system. Then, you are accepting of Commie Football 16-team playoff as best possible solution for determining of true champion!

Here is old KGB photo showing famous American gangster Albert Capone

Here is old KGB photo showing famous American gangster Albert Capone enjoying laugh and celebration with illegal alcoholic drink, after Illinois Fighting Illini is being named as 1927 national champion team.


Intern Bobby is saying...So, the other morning I’m up on the roof of the shack, clearing off like THREE FEET of snow, ‘cuz it’s covering all of the vent pipes and the shack is like a death sauna – completely filled with steam, smoke, and carbon monoxide. I’ve been feeling paranoid lately anyway, just because I keep seeing things in the woods (like this) and hearing weird noises and stuff. Plus, Georgy kept me up late, drinking his homemade vodka and telling me stories about the time he tracked a rabid bear for five days and eventually killed it with a sharp stick, all because it ruined his babushka’s cabbage crop. Anyway, so I’m more than a little out of it. I go to move these heavy, ice-packed branches off the roof, when suddenly – something tackles me. RACCOON ATTACK! I start screaming and curl into a ball, and there’s like three or four angry raccoons jumping on my head and back, hissing, biting, scratching (lucky I had on about a million layers). Georgy comes flying out of the shack, and I hear this metal “shhhiiiinnng!” sound, followed by squealing. I hear Georgy yelling “you know, you know!” and I’m all like, “YEAH, I KNOW! THEY’RE KILLING ME!” but I guess Russians call these critters “yenot” (or something like that). Anyway, Georgy goes all Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on them with his bayonets. He keeps the fattest one to make a stew out of it. And then (and this is the type of guy he is) he gives me an early Christmas present – a new yenot-skin cap!
  1. BIRTH OF SPORT: As this is explaining previous, sport named “American football” is invention of Soviet Union. Is having origin when peasant farm workers is throwing potatoes as practice for grenade assault on Tsarist armies during Revolution of 1905. Vladimir Lenin is writing first rulebook, which is then stolen by American spy Walter Camp, who is introducing sport to United States, where thirst for blood is national drink.
  2. ROVING FREAKSHOW: In years before conference alliance and meaningless bowl game, each college football team is like wandering circus, free to put on show with any other team. But this is era of Great Depression. Roads is clogged with mud, and horses is having many diseases. Powerful team is sometimes playing weak junior college just over next hill, who is not having enough players and is forcing children with polio on roster. Many teams is finishing with unbeaten record every season, then having argument via carrier pigeon over who is champion of entire country.
  3. DIRTY MONEY: In era of Prohibition, American gangsters is having many strong alcohol drinks at illegal nightclub and making debate over who is best college football team. First “polls” is propaganda to trick rival gangster to make large money bets on wrong team at speakeasy.
  4. INTRODUCTION OF HUMAN BIAS: Following Great Patriotic War, polls like AP and UPI is popular invention of corrupt football journalists, to pay off bribe to gangsters. Each football “expert” is voting for team of booster collective paying most bribe money in brown paper bag. Football coaches is all voting for own team. Every season is two or three team saying “I am top champion.”
  5. FAULTY MATH: Early mathematical systems of 1960s for determining champion is too simple, like creation of young child with pinky finger in pile of coal ash. Many is trying to fix math to award championship to teams from old seasons! America is not having superior mathematician, like Sofya Yanovskaya to solve problem.
  6. USA BANK OF STUPID BOWL GAME, BRINGING TO YOU BY MULTINATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION WITH IDIOT NAME: Enemy-of-the-people Ronald Reagan is master to proliferation of meaningless bowl games with complex television contracts and arbitrary, automatic conference alliance. Each season, fans is seeing five strong teams not play each other, with each claiming championship!
  7. BCS IS MESS: In recent past, fans is thinking complex computer algorithm is determining best teams to play in top bowl games, but truth is this – television executives is making decision at secret luxury resort, basing outcome on immoral games of chance.
  8. COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF: Is end result of broken history to determine American college football champion. Central committee members having personal and financial bias to favor certain teams is entire system! Argument over best two teams is now even more stupid argument over #5 team in country! Whoever is saying this is true playoff is using spoon to plow field, instead of tractor!
  9. PROBLEM SOLVED: In 2012, Commie Football is revealing Manifesto to reorganize American college football and fix broken system of determining true champion.

To all true American college football fans – pozhaluysta!

Now, here is slogan for chanting at next game: Chempion reshili putem golosovaniya prisushche nedostatok!Meaning is difficult to explain. Do not worry about this.

She Was American College Football Fan, Raised on Promise

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Here is popular music video performance of Tomas Petty with sometimes music group, Breakers of Heart.

Here is popular music video performance of Tomas Petty with sometimes accompanying music group, Breakers of Heart.

As Tomas Petty, famous poet from Florida SSR, is saying, “Is waiting that is most difficult part.” For fans of Commie Football, is long, cold wait for January, when superior 16-team playoff to determine champion of all American college football is happening.

But is good reason, worthy of long wait! Soviet supercomputer is requiring proper data to determine final scores of Commie Football playoff games, including final scores of idiotic conference championship games (early December) and meaningless bowl games named after banks and corporations (late December/early January). After this, is then time for Commie Football playoffs.

Here is review of playoff teams on both Tier 1 and Tier 2. Remember, first round is District Championship games:


  • District 1: Temple (10-2, #9) vs. Penn State (9-3, #14)
  • District 2: East Carolina (9-3, #16) vs. Tennessee (9-3, #18)
  • District 3: Notre Dame (11-1, #1) vs. Ohio State (10-2, #4)
  • District 4: Florida State (10-2, #5) vs. Ole Miss (10-2, #6)
  • District 5: Wisconsin (8-4, #22) vs. Iowa (8-4, unranked)
  • District 6: Arkansas (10-2, #7) vs. TCU (10-2, #3)
  • District 7: Oklahoma (8-4, #25) vs. BYU (8-4, #23)
  • District 8: Oregon (10-2, #2) vs. USC (10-2, #8)


  • District 1: UMass (9-3, #11) vs. Villanova (9-3, #14)
  • District 2: Richmond (8-4, unranked) vs. Appalachian State (10-2, #7)
  • District 3: Coastal Carolina (8-4, #24) vs. Georgia Southern (11-1, #3)
  • District 4: Samford (10-2, #8) vs. Tulane (7-5, unranked)
  • District 5: Western Michigan (12-0, #1) vs. Western Kentucky (10-2, #5)
  • District 6: Northern Iowa (9-3, #17) vs. Illinois State (10-2, #6)
  • District 7: Stephen F. Austin (8-4, unranked) vs. Texas State (10-2, #4)
  • District 8Colorado State (11-1, #2) vs. UNLV (9-3, #15)

Is many intriguing matchups, from every region of country. Is best system for all fans of American college football. Some is saying in whining voice, “But this blooows! Iowa ain’t even ranked! And Georgia was like, 9-3 an’ ranked number 10 for pete’s sake! Just because they lost to Tennessee in the final game of the regular season don’t mean they shouldn’t be in the playoffs! GO DAWG—!”

In response, here is two words: blah and blah.

Is simple. To make round one of playoffs, team must qualify for District Championship game. Ranking in Top Power 25 is very interesting, but is not factor in playoff invitation. To qualify, team must finish at top of division standings. If nyet, then is end of istoriya.

Having unranked team in playoff is reminding of other Tomas Petty song, “Even Loser is Sometimes Having Good Luck.”

Tier 2 Playoffs: Is Only Little Bit Less Glory

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Here is painting showing famous incident when fans of Western Michigan Broncos is attacking Big Red, mascot for Western Kentucky Hilltoppers.

Here is painting showing famous incident when fans of Western Michigan Broncos is surrounding and attacking Big Red, mascot for Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. WMU fans is claiming Big Red is yelling insult about Michigan SSR, but fans of Hilltoppers is claiming this is false, and WMU fan on horseback is giving cowardly sucker punch to Big Red. In end, no one is suffering injury, because Big Red is simply large soft blob, and punch is not hurting.

Every American college football fan is watching Tier 1 playoff race with much interest. But do not forget about Tier 2, perhaps most interesting level of Commie Football! Here, collision is happening between weakest teams from old FBS level and best teams from old FCS level.

Every season, Tier 2 is most affected by promotion and relegation from both Tier 1 and Tier 3 levels. To win championship on Tier 2 level is little less glorious than Tier 1, but here is where pride of victory is most pure!

Many fans of defending Tier 2 champion North Texas Mean Green (7-5) and runner-up Buffalo Bulls (9-3, #12 Top Power rank) is crying and complaining in kvass when teams is not being promoted to Tier 1 after successful 2013 season. But in 2014, neither team is making Tier 2 playoffs! Superior Commie Football system is revealing many mysterious truths about American college football.



District 1:
MASS vs.

District 2:

District 3:
CCU vs.

District 4:

District 5:

District 6:

District 7:

District 8:
CSU_2014 vs. UNLV
  • District 1: UMass Minutemen (9-3, #11) vs. Villanova Wildcats (9-3, #14) – UMass is winning North division tiebreaker because of Week Seven victory over New Hampshire (9-3, #13), but is looking like weakling in 29-8 loss to Brown Bears (7-5) in final game of regular season. Villanova is clinching weak South division many weeks ago on strength of #4 rank defense.
  • District 2: Richmond Spiders (8-4, unranked) vs. Appalachian State Mountaineers (10-2, #7) – Spiders is sneaking away with North division due to Week Seven victory over William & Mary (8-4, #25). Appalachian State is playing like monster, enjoying seven-game win streak and scoring 50 points in each of final two games of regular season. Mountaineers smushed the Spiders 32-24 in Week Ten.
  • District 3: Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (8-4, #24) vs. Georgia Southern Eagles (11-1, #3) – CCU is making second consecutive playoff appearance, playing solid defense in weak division but losing final two games of regular season to bad teams. Georgia Southern is having strong offense and was once #1 Top Power, but is suffering big loss two weeks ago to Appalachian State to spoil perfect season. GSU beat the Chanticleers 45-25 in Week Six.
  • District 4: Samford Bulldogs (10-2, #8) vs. Tulane Green Wave (7-5, unranked) – Samford is having good season, but is playing weakest schedule on Tier 2 this season. Tulane is winning division tiebreaker with victories over both Southern Miss and South Alabama (both 7-5).
  • District 5: Western Michigan Broncos (12-0, #1) vs. Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (10-2, #5). In Week Five meeting of West vs. West, was very close game with WMU winning 31-29. Broncos is having #4 ranked offense, but is soft on defense. Hilltoppers is having top-ranked offense, scoring 40+ points in eight games, but defense is even more soft! And yet, WKU is not losing any game since last meeting with WMU, including convincing 50-28 victory over Toledo (9-3, #16) in final week.
  • District 6: Northern Iowa Panthers (9-3, #17) vs. Illinois State Redbirds (10-2, #6) – UNI is making playoffs thanks to #5 ranked defense and unusual weak season for North Dakota State (7-5). ISU is having top-rank defense on Tier 2, but is also having good offense and six-game win streak.
  • District 7: Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks (8-4, unranked) vs. Texas State Bobcats (10-2, #4) – SFA is almost blowing opportunity, following 7-0 start with four-game losing streak, including 38-23 loss to Texas State in Week Eleven. But is managing close 27-24 victory over Northwestern State Demons (5-7) in final week to make playoffs. Texas State is emerging from most difficult division on Tier 2, showing explosive offense in final week 53-19 victory vs. strong UTEP (9-3, #9). This, together with unexpected upset of New Mexico Lobos (9-3, #10) by rival New Mexico State (4-8), is sending Bobcats to playoffs.
  • District 8Colorado State Rams (11-1, #2) vs. UNLV Rebels (9-3, #15) – Here is rematch of District 8 Championship from last season, which CSU is winning 39-31. Colorado State, in resplendent green and orange colors, is having good balance on offense and defense, and winning despite very difficult schedule. UNLV is destroying San Jose State (8-4, #23) 46-16 in final game to win division, and is having #6 rank offense on Tier 2.


Intern Bobby is saying...So, after shoveling out and reinforcing the perimeter trench (again) the other night, I’ll admit I was feeling hungry and emotional, so I complained to Georgy about missing Thanksgiving back home. He’s like, “What is this – Thanksgive?” and I explained about the pilgrims and Native Americans, turkey and stuffing, etc. So he goes “You are wanting to celebrate this Thanksgive here? Is good idea.” And he hands me one of his old bayonets, and goes “With this you are killing wild indeyka, then cleaning of feathers, cooking on fire, and I am eating for breakfast. After, you is saying spasibo to me, to thank for opportunity of internship in Russia.”

Now you are knowing all 16 playoff  teams on both Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels. You are excited to begin playoff football games, to know very best American college football teams for season.

Only here is thing. In order for Commie Football to determine champion teams, is requiring proper data. This data is to include scores from meaningless bowl games named after corporation and games from flawed, inferior College Football Playoff. Only with this data can Soviet supercomputer determine ultimate fate of teams in world of Commie Football.

Is sometimes difficult for spoiled Americans to understand true meaning of concept “patience.” Is not so difficult. As example, Soviet citizens is waiting many hours, sometimes days, in middle of winter, standing in long line at market for latest shipment of petrol, and then is only receiving one liter, maximum.

Week 12: What is at End of Rainbow?

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Famous poet from Ireland SSR, Sinead of Konnor, is releasing new beautiful music record with hit song "Nothing is Comparing 2 #1 Top Power Rank".

Famous poet from Ireland SSR, Sinead of Konnor, is releasing new beautiful music record with hit song “Nothing is Comparing 2 #1 Top Power Rank”. Is especially very popular song in Indiana SSR, home of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. However, in other District 3 cities such as Ann Arbor, Columbus, and Bloomington, this song is causing much violence in streets.

Is old saying in Russia: “Kogda vse delayut veseloy vecherinki, vremya letit bystro, kak bystrogo Yastrebu, okhota, ubiystvo, i potroshit’ obshchiy zyablik po svezhemu snegu ledyanoy tundre.”

Translation is difficult, but here I am trying: When everyone is making fun party, time is flying fast, like swift sparrowhawk, hunting, killing, and disemboweling common finch on fresh snow of icy tundra.” 

Is sad that end of 2014 Commie Football regular season is now (you see Week 12 scores at this link). Is seeming only yesterday when Seminoles of Florida State is defeating Oregon Ducks 32-31 for 2013 championship. In final week of 2014 regular season, defending champion FSU is rising to difficult challenge, defeating Auburn 17-16 to steal away District 4 East title, and make return trip to playoffs. Will world crown fresh, new American college football champion, or boring, repeat champion from previous season?

In meanwhile, top-ranked Ole Miss (10-2), already with invite to playoff in pocket, is suffering deep humiliation of 41-0 crushing defeat to rival Mississippi State Bulldogs (9-3), who is making world think MSU is now true strongest team in District 4 West! But is too bad about Week 10 upset loss to UCF, so izvinite Bulldogs, season of clanging cowbell is now over. Many teams is sinking into off-season obscurity, like Dmitry Medvedev after Vladimir Putin is becoming Soviet Premier.


In smeshnoy College Football Playoff system, by middle of November is only five, perhaps six teams with true chance of national championship glory. Everyone is arguing about who is 4th best team in country, and too many teams from old SEC conference is making playoff! In new Commie Football playoff system, is 16 TEAMS in hunt for title! And best yet, because of system of geographic Districts, football fans in every corner of country is having nearby team in championship hunt!

Here is quick review of Commie Football playoff:

  1. 16 teams (from each Tier) is making to Round 1. Division winners is facing other Division winner from same District in District Championship game.
  2. In Round 2, eight District Champions is playing one another in seeded, single-elimination tournament to determine new champion.
  3. Round 3, is four teams left.
  4. National Championship Game
Soviet official Dmitry Medvedev is feeling surprise that Mississippi State Bulldogs is not receiving invitation to playoffs after defeat of hated rival Ole Miss.

Soviet official Dmitry Medvedev is feeling surprise that Mississippi State Bulldogs is not receiving invitation to playoffs after defeat of hated rival Ole Miss.

Is best system to find true champion, who is traveling difficult 16-game schedule (12 regular season, plus four playoff rounds) to seek ultimate glory of champion.

You, like other ignorant American Intern Bobby, is maybe asking – “Seriously, are these 16 teams like, really the very, *very* best teams in college football this season? I mean – I’m not saying, but I’m just saying that Georgia’s ranked #10? And like, Iowa isn’t even ranked? Temple may be 10-2, but they seem a lot weaker than Auburn, who only didn’t make it ‘cuz there happens to be an even *better* team in their division, you know?”

Ostanovka! For this remark, I am making Bobby scrape every inch of fresh hide of dead bear, to remove all hair and bits of skin and fat! If team is not good enough to win six-team division, then is not good enough for Commie Football playoff!* Is not fault of Temple Owls to be playing in weak District 1 North division! Playoff invitation is only for division champion!

*Only exception is if no team from division is having winning 7-5 record or better. If all teams in division is 6-6 or worse record, then second-place team from opposite division is representing district. If no other 7-5 or better team is playing in entire district, then team with greatest Top Power rank who is not already in playoffs, is receiving invitation instead.




District 1:

District 2:

District 3:

District 4:

District 5:

District 6:

District 7:

District 8:
ORE vs.

Now, here is information for which all football fans is waiting with patience. Is all Tier 1 teams who is winning division, and making to District Championship Game (also known as Round 1 of Commie Football playoffs):

  • District 1: Temple Owls (10-2, #9) vs. Penn State Nittany Lions (9-3, #14) – Old rivals from Pennsylvania SSR, Owls and Nittany Lions did not play during regular season. Temple is having second-best defense in Tier 1. PSU is playing much more difficult schedule than Owls, and is earning playoff berth due to Week Three victory over WVU (9-3, #19), who is blowing division lead for much of season when losing final two games to allow Penn State to catch!
  • District 2: East Carolina Pirates (9-3, #16) vs. Tennessee Volunteers (9-3, #18) – ECU is sprinting ahead of weak North division during 7-game win streak with 6th best offense, but is overall very weak schedule. Vols is winning South division with dramatic 24-23 shock victory over Georgia Bulldogs (9-3, #10) in last game of regular season, but is also unimpressive schedule.
  • District 3: Notre Dame Fighting Irish (11-1, #1) vs. Ohio State Buckeyes (10-2, #4) – Irish is only team finishing regular season with 11 wins, and is scoring most points on Tier 1, but is also having weakest schedule. Only loss is to Louisville (6-6) in Week 10. Who is having second-best offense (and second-weakest schedule) in Tier 1? Can you believe it, OSU! Can District 3 champion compete with big boy from stronger District?
  • District 4: Florida State Seminoles (10-2, #5) vs. Ole Miss Rebels (10-2, #6) – FSU is seizing division title and playoff spot from Auburn (9-3, #15) in dramatic 18-17 victory in final regular season game. Noles is also playing very difficult schedule of defending champion! Ole Miss is having best defense in Tier 1, and is clinching division two weeks ago after 18-17 victory over Noles, but is laying giant egg in Egg Bowl rivalry game vs. bitter Mississippi State (9-3, #12) in final week of season. Is bad omen for rematch?
  • District 5: Wisconsin Badgers (8-4, #22) vs. Iowa Hawkeyes (8-4, unranked) – Badgers is making 3rd consecutive appearance in District 5 Championship, winning North division based on head-to-head victories vs. both Northwestern and Golden Gophers of Minnesota, and strong defense. Iowa is beating Mizzou in Week Nine, and so is winning playoff tiebreaker in tight South division.
  • District 6: Arkansas Razorbacks (10-2, #7) vs. TCU Horned Frogs (10-2, #3) – With rival LSU (6-6) having bad season, Razorbacks is clinching easy East division weeks ago. TCU is winning difficult West division only this week, with third-best offense and #10 defense. And yet, it was Arkansas beating Horned Frogs 36-32 in Week Five.
  • District 7: Oklahoma Sooners (8-4, #25) vs. BYU Cougars (8-4, #23) – Sooners is having good offense, and winning South division tiebreaker with victories over both Arizona Wildcats and Arizona State Sun Devils. BYU is slightly better rank on both offense and defense, but is needing dramatic 25-15 victory over Boise State (8-4) in final game of regular season to win North division.
  • District 8: Oregon Ducks (10-2, #2) vs. USC Trojans (10-2, #8) – Explosive Ducks is suffering early season loss to Cal (9-3, #17), but is laughing as Golden Bears is losing two of final four games to waste advantage in standings. Oregon is playing one of most difficult schedules in country. USC is clinching South division one week ago, but is then playing like pee-wee team in 34-17 loss to weak San Diego State Aztecs (5-7). Maybe resting starting players for playoffs?

Later in week is official reveal of all 16 Tier 2 playoff teams. (In meantime, here is hint – Week 12 standings, scoreboard, and Top Power rankings is providing necessary information to know ultimate fate of Tier 2 regular season and playoff lineup. Please keep as secret.)