She Was American College Football Fan, Raised on Promise

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Here is popular music video performance of Tomas Petty with sometimes music group, Breakers of Heart.

Here is popular music video performance of Tomas Petty with sometimes accompanying music group, Breakers of Heart.

As Tomas Petty, famous poet from Florida SSR, is saying, “Is waiting that is most difficult part.” For fans of Commie Football, is long, cold wait for January, when superior 16-team playoff to determine champion of all American college football is happening.

But is good reason, worthy of long wait! Soviet supercomputer is requiring proper data to determine final scores of Commie Football playoff games, including final scores of idiotic conference championship games (early December) and meaningless bowl games named after banks and corporations (late December/early January). After this, is then time for Commie Football playoffs.

Here is review of playoff teams on both Tier 1 and Tier 2. Remember, first round is District Championship games:


  • District 1: Temple (10-2, #9) vs. Penn State (9-3, #14)
  • District 2: East Carolina (9-3, #16) vs. Tennessee (9-3, #18)
  • District 3: Notre Dame (11-1, #1) vs. Ohio State (10-2, #4)
  • District 4: Florida State (10-2, #5) vs. Ole Miss (10-2, #6)
  • District 5: Wisconsin (8-4, #22) vs. Iowa (8-4, unranked)
  • District 6: Arkansas (10-2, #7) vs. TCU (10-2, #3)
  • District 7: Oklahoma (8-4, #25) vs. BYU (8-4, #23)
  • District 8: Oregon (10-2, #2) vs. USC (10-2, #8)


  • District 1: UMass (9-3, #11) vs. Villanova (9-3, #14)
  • District 2: Richmond (8-4, unranked) vs. Appalachian State (10-2, #7)
  • District 3: Coastal Carolina (8-4, #24) vs. Georgia Southern (11-1, #3)
  • District 4: Samford (10-2, #8) vs. Tulane (7-5, unranked)
  • District 5: Western Michigan (12-0, #1) vs. Western Kentucky (10-2, #5)
  • District 6: Northern Iowa (9-3, #17) vs. Illinois State (10-2, #6)
  • District 7: Stephen F. Austin (8-4, unranked) vs. Texas State (10-2, #4)
  • District 8Colorado State (11-1, #2) vs. UNLV (9-3, #15)

Is many intriguing matchups, from every region of country. Is best system for all fans of American college football. Some is saying in whining voice, “But this blooows! Iowa ain’t even ranked! And Georgia was like, 9-3 an’ ranked number 10 for pete’s sake! Just because they lost to Tennessee in the final game of the regular season don’t mean they shouldn’t be in the playoffs! GO DAWG—!”

In response, here is two words: blah and blah.

Is simple. To make round one of playoffs, team must qualify for District Championship game. Ranking in Top Power 25 is very interesting, but is not factor in playoff invitation. To qualify, team must finish at top of division standings. If nyet, then is end of istoriya.

Having unranked team in playoff is reminding of other Tomas Petty song, “Even Loser is Sometimes Having Good Luck.”

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