Old Rivalry is Never Dying Again

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In Commie Football, natural rivals is playing every season, such as Pitt and Penn State in Week Three.

In Commie Football, you are seeing natural rivals is playing every season, such as Pitt and Penn State, Week Three.

Commie Football is better system because two teams in same geographic region are always in same District*, so many natural rival games is being set in iron. Iron is never broken apart by television contract or stupid, making-no-sense, capitalist conference alignment.

As example, schedule this week is seeing game between rivals from old history, Pitt Panthers and Nittany Lions of Penn State. Is shame of all American college football when great rivalry is broken in two pieces, only because of chasing American dollar bill.

* Only exception is when one team is playing such bad season, team is being relegated to lower Tier. Also, in case when too many teams are fitting in same District, like Oklahoma Sooners and Nebraska Cornhuskers – is why one game on schedule every season (Week Eleven) is being left open for game against rival team that is not already on schedule.  

Preview of Week Three

Is another week of team playing team from same Division, same District. Is many more geographic rival games, to include:

  • Auburn (2-0) vs. Georgia (1-1) in Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry
  • Duke (1-1) vs. North Carolina (0-2) for famous Victory Bell
  • Iowa (1-1) vs. Iowa State (0-2) for less-famous Cy-Hawk Trophy
  • Kansas (1-1) vs. Kansas State (1-1) for glorious Governor’s Cup
  • Louisiana-Lafayette (1-1) vs. Louisiana-Monroe (1-1) in Battle on the Bayou
  • Maryland (1-1) vs. Navy (1-1) in Crab Bowl Classic

Also is rivalry games with no catching nickname, but still is feeling pure hatred of fans on both sideline:

  • Alabama (1-1) vs. Ole Miss (0-2)
  • Florida (1-1) vs. Miami (FL) (0-2)
  • Baylor (2-0) vs. TCU (1-1)

Having very good record against teams in own Division is very important for making playoffs at end of season. Here is other Week Three games to be watching:

  • Arkansas State (2-0) vs. Oklahoma (2-0)
  • Kent State (2-0) vs. Ohio State (1-1)
  • Northern Illinois (2-0) vs. Northwestern (2-0)

You are seeing, every week in Commie Football season very exciting.

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