Week 8: Crimson Tide is Saying “I Must Break You” to Louisville Cardinals

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Alabama is beating #1 ranked Louisville Cardinals 45-17 in Week 8. Is greatest defeat for city of Louisville since Muhammad Ali is losing heavyweight boxing title to Ivan Drago.

Alabama is beating #1 rank Louisville Cardinals 45-17 in Week 8. Is greatest defeat for city of Louisville since Muhammad Ali is losing heavyweight boxing title to Ivan Drago.

Rising to number one rank in Commie Football Top Power 25 poll is glorious honor and as I am having said many time, is no easy road. Is even more difficult to stay at top spot, as Louisville Cardinals is finding out in Week Eight of Commie Football, after losing to Alabama Crimson Tide by score of 45-17.  Cardinals is now dropping to number 6 in Top Power 25, but most important – is still in first place in District 2 South Division playoff race, staying one game ahead of Gamecocks of South Carolina (6-2, #16).

New Top Power team in country is undefeated Baylor Bears of District 7, who is crushing Razorbacks of Arkansas 62-3 in Week Eight. True test for Baylor is in final weeks of season, when Bears is facing tough District opponents Arizona Wildcats (6-2, #23), Boise State (6-2, #19), and Sun Devils of Arizona State. Oh, and is also facing team that is used to being Czar of Texas administrative district, but is now knowing what is like for weak teams like SMU or Rice Owls or Baylor in old times – is Texas Longhorns (2-6), who is having terrible 2013 season, and is just losing 32-22 to Boise State in Week Eight.

Also in Week Eight:

  • District 1: Both Nittany Lions (7-1, #10) and Boston College (6-2, #22) is losing, but is not too much mattering because is weak District and both is in good position to make playoffs.
  • District 2: Hokies of Virginia Tech (7-1, #12) is beating Georgia Bulldogs 25-21 in close Week Eight game, and is leading North Division. Louisville is still team to beat in South Division.
  • District 3: Next week is huge game when Michigan Wolverines (7-1, #8) is facing rival Michigan State Spartans (6-2, #18) for North Division lead. In South, Ohio State Buckeyes and Bearcats of Cincinnati is tied with 6-2 record, and is setting stage for final Week Twelve fight to death.
  • District 4: Seminoles of Florida State (7-1, #3) and LSU (7-1, #9) is tied with same record, but ‘Noles is having beat LSU in Week Two, so is holding playoff edge. Crimson Tide (6-2, #13) is taking over first place of West Division after Auburn is losing in 38-27 upset to Wake Forest Demon Deacons.
  • District 5: Wisconsin Badgers (6-2, #21) is losing 50-47 in overtime thrill game to Oregon Ducks. Northwestern (6-2, #24) is winning 16-15 in close game vs. USC for tie at top of North Division. In South Division, Missouri Tigers (7-1, #7) is pulling away from other teams.
  • District 6: Fate of North Division is maybe being decided this week when unbeaten Sooners of Oklahoma (#2) is facing big rival Oklahoma State Cowboys (7-1, #11). In weak South Division, Houston Cougars (6-2, #25) is quietly winning games and making playoff run.
  • District 7: Upcoming Week 10 game of Baylor Bears vs. Boise State is looking like preview of District Championship game.
  • District 8: Oregon Ducks (7-1, #4) is opening two-game lead in North Division. In South Division, is Bruins of UCLA (7-1, #5) that is big surprise of season. Is facing archrival USC Trojans this week!

Tier 2: Who is Most Green?

On Tier 2 is also change at top of Top Power 25 ranking. Former top team Tulane Green Wave (7-1, #2) is being upset in Week Eight by North Texas Mean Green (7-1, #3) by score of 37-25. Why is Tulane still having higher rank than North Texas? Russian supercomputer is calculating scores and you are not worrying about it, okay?

Anyway, this is clearing way for surprise team to jump both to top of ranking – unbeaten Coastal Carolina Chanticleers of District 2! A “chanticleer” is a type of tough rooster. CCU is last remaining undefeated team in Tier 2. Is having easy schedule rest of season, so we are finding out if pressure of Top Power #1 position is making rooster choke!

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