Week 10: Buckeye is New Top Nut

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THE Buckeyes of Ohio State is becoming new #1 Top Power rank team after Week 10 defeat of hated archrival, Wolverines of Michigan.

Is curious folk legend in Ohio SSR, making prediction of day when famous warrior with name “Brutus” – who is only wearing small felt hat on very large head into battle – is returning from hated northern land to become General Secretary of Buckeye Nation! Is only stupid legend, typical of simple, ignorant people from midwest sector of former United States.

Famous “luck of Irish” is not lasting for very long time! In Week 10 of Commie Football season, Notre Dame, already having clinched District 3 playoff spot (see Playoff Tracker below), is maybe thinking this is vacation holiday week! Louisville Cardinals (5-5), who is final four team from last season, but is having bad follow-up year, is stealing pot of gold from Fighting Irish, by final score 47-25.

This upset victory is meaning yet another new #1 rank team on Top Power 25 supercomputer algorithm, also from District 3. Is now THE Buckeyes of Ohio State (9-1), who is taking care of business against archnemesis Michigan Wolverines 29-23. Is no more unbeaten teams remaining on Tier 1, which is natural in Commie Football, due to superior, fair and balance, innovation schedule!

District playoff races is heating up faster than pot of melting snow over open fire! With only two games remaining in regular season, here is how it is looking:


District 1:TEMP vs. South Champ
District 2:North Champ
vs. South Champ
District 3:ND vs. OHSU
District 4:East Champ
vs. West Champ
District 5:North Champ
vs. South Champ
District 6:ARK vs. West Champ
District 7:South Champ
vs. North Champ
District 8:North Champ vs.
  • District 1: With 29-18 victory over Navy, Temple Owls (9-1, #7 rank) is clinching North division title. In South division, West Virginia (9-1, #6) is barely beating Boston College 27-26, but is yet needing one more victory to clinch playoff berth.
  • District 2: East Carolina (7-3) is not playing like team who is wanting to clinch North division playoff spot! Pirates is losing second game consecutive, this week is 30-27 to Clemson (6-4). Is lucky because NC State (5-5) is also being destroyed 60-27 by Georgia Bulldogs (8-2, #11), who is staying one game ahead of Tennessee Vols in South.
  • District 3: Notre Dame (9-1, #4) and Ohio State (9-1, #1) is both already clinching division titles, and will compete in District 3 Championship game in January. Michigan State (6-4) is winning fifth game consecutive, but is too much little, too much late!
  • District 4: In very exciting match, is Ole Miss (9-1, #2) defeating 2013 champion Seminoles of Florida State (8-2, #10), 18-17. With Auburn (9-1, #5) also beating Vanderbilt 36-25, final Week 12 game of season – AU vs. FSU – is looking to be for all East division marbles. In West division, Ole Miss (9-1, #2) is enjoying two-game lead but is still possible for rival Mississippi State (7-3) to catch in final week of season.
  • District 5: Badgers of Wisconsin (7-3, #16), like durak, is losing in upset to weak Kansas Jayhawks (2-8), 25-24. This is allowing both Northwestern (7-3) and Minnesota Golden Gophers (7-3, #25) to catch in North division race. In South division, is Cornhuskers of Nebraska (7-3, #22) now enjoying lead thanks to 30-28 victory over Northern Illinois, plus Iowa Hawkeyes (6-4) 34-24 upset loss to Purdue (6-4). Also, you are now seeing Mizzou (7-3) little bit in playoff picture.
  • District 6: Arkansas Razorbacks (8-2, #13) is losing 38-21 to Baylor Bears (7-3, #17), but is punching ticket to playoff anyway! This is because Cougars of Houston is losing 52-25 to Texas A&M (8-2, #12), and LSU (6-4) is losing in 27-14 upset to Texas Longhorns (5-5). TCU (8-2, #8) is defeating Rice Owls 24-18, but Week Nine victory over Aggies is giving Horned Frogs head-to-head tiebreaker for South division lead.
  • District 7: BYU (7-3, #20) is making important 40-21 victory over Sooners of Oklahoma (7-3, #24). Cougars is catching even at top of North division with Boise State, who is losing in 62-38 unexpected slaughter at hand of Texas Tech Red Raiders (3-7). Arizona Wildcats (7-3, #21) is beating Air Force 40-22, but is also losing tiebreaker game for top of South division to Sooners in Week Three.
  • District 8: California (8-2, #14) and Oregon (8-2, #9) is locked together at top of North division, but head-to-head edge is belonging to Golden Bears and Week Two victory. USC Trojans (9-1, #3) is claiming South division title after 36-27 victory over Beavers of Oregon State. USC is already defeating both Stanford and UCLA, so no other team can catch.



District 1:North Champ vs.
District 2:North Champ
vs. South Champ
District 3:CCU vs.
District 4:SAM vs. South Champ
District 5:WMU vs. South Champ
District 6:North Champ
vs. South Champ
District 7:East Champ
vs. West Champ
District 8:CSU_2014 vs. South Champ
  • District 1: After 34-22 victory over Princeton, UMass (8-2, #8) is now having sole possession of first place in District 1 North, due to 42-29 loss by Yale Bulldogs to Villanova (8-2, #12), who is clinching South division title.
  • District 2: Appalachian State (8-2, #13) is beating Richmond 32-24, and leading South division. But who is wanting North division playoff spot? Leaders Richmond and William & Mary (both 6-4) is both losing! Is important rule in Commie Football – if no team from weak North division is winning seven games, then second best team from South division is playing for District championship. If no other team from entire District is having seven wins, then next best team in country is taking place in playoffs.
  • District 3: Division champions is already decided! Unbeaten Georgia Southern (10-0, #1 Top Power rank) will face Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina (8-2, #14) in District championship game in January rematch (GSU is already beating CCU back in Week Six).
  • District 4: Samford is losing first game of season, 38-21 to Troy Trojans, but is no matter because North division is already clinched. In South, Tulane (6-4) is beating UAB 41-30, while South Alabama (6-4) is losing 25-15 to Alabama State. Green Wave is having head-to-head advantage.
  • District 5: Unbeaten Western Michigan (10-0, #2) is already clinching North division, but in South is dogfight between Toledo Rockets (8-2, #15) and Western Kentucky (8-2, #11), who will fight to death in Week 12.
  • Is perhaps time for changing of guard in District 6, where Illinois State (8-2, #7) is defeating mighty North Dakota State (6-4) 29-12. Only Eastern Illinois (6-4) is having slim chance of catching up in South division. In North, is tie between Northern Iowa (7-3, #23) and Western Illinois (7-3, #24) – all marbles will be on line in Week 12 clash!
  • District 7: – New Mexico Lobos (8-2, #5) is making big noise, destroying East division leader Stephen F. Austin (7-3, #25) 57-30. Lobos are maybe jumping to highest Top Power rank, but two division losses is putting in third place for West division title race. UTEP (8-2, #6) and Texas State (8-2, #10) is both losing games, so is exciting three-way race for lone playoff spot. By way, Miners and Bobcats is meeting in Week 12.
  • District 8: – Colorado State Rams (9-1, #3), in beautiful orange and green uniforms, is team on mission, obliterating Sacramento State 60-26 and clinching North division title. In South division, San Jose State (8-2, #16) is still team to catch, after 29-12 victory over Wyoming.


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In world of Commie Football, is no debate over what four teams is best to play in playoff. Playoff teams is earning right to eternal glory over 12 grueling weeks of no-cupcake schedule, then four weeks of playoffs in January! Is natural, logical, superior system to old, inferior College Football Playoff or any duratskiy system with human vote to choose top teams!

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