Week 10: All College Football is Beware of Bears!

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Baylor Bears is last unbeaten team in all Commie Football. Is also having nickname that is approved by Kremlin.

Baylor Bears is last unbeaten team in all Commie Football. Is also having nickname that is approved by Kremlin.

In old BCS system, after 10 games is time of American college football season when fans of maybe four or five teams is saying “My team is having good, real chance of national championship.”  But fans of all other teams (over 120 teams!) is saying, “Oh ho hum, which bowl game with no meaning, named after fruit is my favorite team playing? I am maybe thinking of taking car trip with friends to see this game against other team who is not rival and who is also having no chance of winning championship. I am not caring really who is winning game, only how much vodka I am drinking.”

Is this making you excited? If you are saying “yes” then you are LIAR!

Commie Football is much superior system. In Commie Football, all teams is competing for one out of 16 playoff spots, and any team making it to playoffs is having fair shot at national championship victory. Is no stupid, meaningless bowl games named after fruit! First round of playoffs is eight District Championship Games. Is great honor to make!

In Week 10, Oregon Ducks (9-1, #3 Top Power rank) is punching ticket to District 8 Championship Game, but with only two games remain of regular season, there is yet 12 playoff spots up for the grabbing! Is more entertainment for college football fans in all regions of country! Is more fair competition for all teams!

Bear is Strongest Animal in Land at this Moment

Last season, is obscure team from District 7 sneaking into playoffs to conquer all of Commie Football. That team was Utah State Aggies. This season, is another team from District 7 who is making big noise. Baylor Bears (10-0) is only undefeated team in either Tier 1 or Tier 2 and unbeaten regular season is looking like very possible.  Is many years since Baylor is best team in all of Texas administrative district, and Commie Football is finding out if Baylor is best team in entire country!

Here is playoff situation of each District:

  • In District 1, Penn State (7-3, #21) is having trouble locking down South Division, is losing in 15-12 upset to weak Orangemen of Syracuse (4-6). Only team who can catch Nittany Lions is Virginia Cavaliers (5-5), but this team is also blowing it by losing 44-26 to not-very-good Army Black Knights (2-8)! Oh, and Boston College (8-2, #14) is already claiming North Division title.
  • District 2: In maybe preview of District 2 Championship game, Louisville Cardinals (9-1, #4) is spanking Hokies of Virginia Tech (8-2, #15) by score of 34-19. Gamecocks of South Carolina (7-3, #18) playoff hopes is still alive little bit.
  • District 3: Ohio State Buckeyes (8-2, #10) is having control of South Division playoff destiny after easy 44-13 victory over Toledo Rockets (2-8). Playoff hope of Michigan Wolverines (7-3, #19) is suffering big blow after 30-16 upset defeat to Thundering Herd of Marshall (5-5). Bearcats of Cincinnati (7-3, #20) is being no match for Michigan State Spartans (8-2, #12), who is winning 36-11 for second big win in row, and leading North Division. 
  • District 4: Seminoles of Florida State (9-1, #2) is jumping over Oregon Ducks in Top Power rank after 36-20 victory over Ole Miss (2-8). Auburn (7-3, #23) is making impressive victory, 38-15 over Miami Hurricanes (5-5), but is maybe too little, too late to catch Crimson Tide (8-2, #9) in West Division. Tragic LSU Tigers (9-1, #7) is again winning, 35-20 over Mississippi State (3-7), but cannot make playoffs if FSU is keep winning games!
  • Playoff race in District 5 North is all of sudden more interesting after Wisconsin Badgers (7-3, #17) is losing 20-15 to Missouri Tigers (9-1, #6) (Mizzou is already having clinched South Division). Northwestern (7-3, #24) is beating Cyclones of Iowa State (2-8) 33-17, and is pulling up beside Badgers at top of North Division.
  • In District 6 South, Houston Cougars (8-2, #16) is doing what is needing to be doing to capture division by beating Red Wolves of Arkansas State (3-7) 34-15. Oklahoma State Cowboys (9-1, #8) is barely beating Texas A&M (5-5) 33-31, but is still enough to stay in first place in District 6 North. You are remembering how Cowboys are beating Sooners last week to give them playoff edge? Oklahoma Sooners (9-1) is #5 Top Power team, but can only watch as rival is keep winning. Surprising Rice Owls (7-3, #22) is beating Golden Hurricane of Tulsa (2-8) 38-31, is still making noise in District 6 South.
  • District 7: Unbeaten Baylor Bears is crushing Boise State 56-19, is #1 Top Power rank team for 3rd straight week. Boise State loss is meaning is now 3-way tie in North Division for only single playoff spot! BYU (6-4) is new leader of North Division because of victories over Boise and Utah State Aggies earlier in season.
  • District 8: Ducks (9-1, #3) is punching ticket to playoff with 37-28 victory over Fresno State (3-7). Also, because Washington Huskies (6-4) is blowing chance, is losing to USC Trojans (6-4, #25), who is finally making it back in Top Power 25. In District 8 South, UCLA Bruins (8-2) is division lead with 38-18 victory over Beavers of Oregon State (5-5). Stanford Cardinal (8-2, #13) is same record and is playing UCLA in final week of season for epic battle!
Here is photo of old college football bowl game executives, who is not wanting better system of Commie Football!

Here is photo of old college football bowl game executives, who is not wanting better system of Commie Football! This is before they are being sent to gulag.

Tier 2: Is Rise of Bison

It is seeming inevitable that Bison of North Dakota State (9-1, #1) is rising to top of Top Power rankings, yes? Is happening this week after easy 33-17 victory over Jackson State (4-6). Is setting up epic District 6 Championship game between top team from last week, Tulane Green Wave (8-2), who is dropping to #5 rank after losing tough game 34-27 to Coyotes of South Dakota (7-3, #14).

Is only District in all Commie Football where Championship game teams is known. Is still ten open spots in Tier 2 playoffs! So you are staying tuned to see which teams is making it and which teams is going back to home campus, crying in kvass. Then is also drama after season of which teams is being promoted to higher Tier, or relegated to lower Tier.

Other teams making playoffs in Week 10 is Maine Black Bears (9-1, #3) of District 1 and North Texas Mean Green (9-1, #2) in District 7. Is many teams still alive and for example District 2 and District 8 is total mess and most teams is still in hunt!

Commie Football system is making excitement for college football fans – this is true unless you are executive of BCS bowl game named after fruit!

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