Playoffs Round 3: Trojan & Tiger To Fight in Colosseum

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Here is photo showing beautiful "Babushka Girls" who is leading USC Trojan fans in chants of school loyalty, during football game.

Here is photo showing beautiful “Babushka Girls” who is leading USC Trojan fans in chants of school loyalty, during football game.


World of Commie Football is intriguing, parallel universe, bringing order to old chaotic system of determining American college football champion. Simple-minded critic is saying that Commie Football supercomputer is calculating impossible result, as when Utah State Aggies is winning 2012 championship. But in both 2013 and 2014 seasons, Commie Football supercomputer is crowning same champion (Florida State, Ohio State) as ludicrous CFP system. Then, is more complaints, asking always in whining American voice – what is this to prove, when superior Soviet system is producing same result as idiot, capitalist BCS or CFP or NCAA or CIA system?

Is simple. Even young Kazakh child is understanding. Corrupt capitalist system, such as nonsense NCAA, is sometimes having good luck! Or, sometimes is same, obvious true best team in all universes of college football.

But 2015 is different, little bit. First, is both underdog teams winning in Round 3 playoff semifinal, eliminating Oklahoma Sooners (#1 Top Power rank) and Notre Dame (#2). One winning team – Clemson Tigers (12-3, #3) – da, is also contender for championship in corrupt CFP system. But other team – USC Trojans (12-3, #2) – is perhaps surprise contender to college football fan.

Is interesting, but where is so-called “CFP champion” Crimson Tide of Alabama? In world of Commie Football, Bama (9-3, #10) is not even receiving invitation to playoff, due to Week Two loss to eventual District 4 West champion Ole Miss Rebels (10-4, #6).

Do you hear this? In world of Commie Football, Crimson Tide Nation is, at end of regular season, crying like baby without raw goat milk! You are now liking this Soviet system already more, da?

Behold! Here is Round 3 playoff results:

Game: Aloha Bowl
Location: Honolulu, HI
Final Score: Clemson 37, Oklahoma 17
Notes: Score is perhaps not surprise to follower of inferior CFP college football system,  but in world of Commie Football, is great upset loss for top-rank Oklahoma (13-2, #1 rank yet, despite loss). Not only is Sooners losing opportunity for eternal championship glory, but is also falling in offense rank to #2 position, behind hated archrival Cowboys of Oklahoma State (10-2, #7). Is bringing back bad memory of time when all Oklahoma SSR was holding breath!

Sooners is now losing in second Aloha Bowl, consecutive. Perhaps is spending too much time sleeping on beach like lazy morskoy lev, rather than practice football. Since losing two early games in season to Appalachian State (Week 3) and Stanford (Week 4), Clemson is 10-1, losing only to Georgia (Week 9). Will Tigers prevail in hunt for championship?

Game: Peach Bowl
Location: Atlanta, GA
Final Score: USC 34, Notre Dame 33
Notes: In rematch of Week Eleven game between fierce rivals, Trojans of USC (12-3, #2) is making revenge on Fighting Irish (11-4, #4), finding path to victory this time by one point only, to advance to championship game. USC #6-rank offense is sneaking by Irish defense, but can same offense perform better vs. stronger Clemson #22-rank defense in championship?

Trojan vs. Tiger… is reminding of gladiator battle in ancient Colosseum of Italiya SSR….

For Notre Dame, is second season to lose in playoffs, but finish in top 5 Top Power rank. Perhaps luck of Irish is only taking so far. This is why luck of Russian is superior in end.

Finally out of the interrogation chamber. Uh… yay? Georgy’s all like, lecturing me and stuff about “passcode security” or whatever. As far as I’m concerned? I saved the day when I tucked that piece of paper with the passcodes on it into my journal, which I had HIDDEN in my bedroom chamber. Kinda sucks that I forgot I had used the same one for the Netflix account – I just grabbed whatever I could find. Hey – speaking of bed – I get to actually sleep on a MATTRESS for the first time in a while tonight. See ya cold, concrete floor!
I don’t know where Georgy got that photo of the USC Song Girls, but that is NOT how I remember them looking. Am I still sleeping?


Finally, I am finding paper with passcode information to unlock interrogation chamber, to set free Intern Kyle and Bobby after many days. Is very frustrating. I am searching with much effort, many rooms of Emergency Secondary Headquarters, but finding nothing.

One day, I am taking break from search, allowing brain to remember frustrating, unresolved plot question within old episode of American “Friends” television program, and am deciding to access this episode using Netflix via satellite feed, for research purpose. I am asking Bobby through bars of interrogation chamber for Netflix account passcode. He is saying it is written on piece of paper in scrapbook he is keeping in bedroom chamber.

I am already knowing of this scrapbook, but have not been reading recent entries. There, I am finding piece of paper with writing of BOTH NETFLIX AND INTERROGATION CHAMBER PASSCODES! Then, I am discovering that Bobby is using SAME PASSCODE for Netflix as code for unlocking interrogation chamber door! For the love of Condoleezza! Is insecure to use identical passcode for multiple purpose!  Here is more reason why Bobby is idiot!

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