Playoffs: Baylor is Stepping Paw Into Bear Trap

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“Yes, am having to cancel planned trip to maybe Hawaii to watch Baylor Bears play for national championship game.”

In Russian folklore, is expression – “When you are giving gift on Sunday, is possible invading army is destroying your village.”

Is meaning, when you are relaxing, not marking hard work on Sunday – when you are “taking day off” (as American workers are usual saying), that is day invading army is killing you, your family, your townsfolk and is turning three-car garage at front of your very large suburban house into district gulag.

American football is having adapted expression as principle of “Any Given Sunday.”  In college football, is changing one more time to “Any Given Saturday.” Baylor Bears is learning this difficult lesson in Round 2/Quarterfinal round of Commie Football playoffs.


Game: Cotton Bowl
Location: Arlington, TX
Final Score: Boston College 35, Baylor 32
Notes: Many is not giving Eagles of Boston College much chance of defeating powerful offense of unbeaten Baylor Bears in Round 2 Cotton Bowl game. Maybe fans of Baylor and maybe Bears team itself is looking to next game in perhaps Hawaii, and is thinking national championship is destiny of this team. Boston College is saving best football for biggest games of season, and is teaching Baylor the meaning of word razbitoye serdtse. How is this happening? Maybe is because Baylor is wearing cursed blackout uniform. Boston College is now advancing to play Florida State in semifinal Fiesta Bowl game.


Game: Orange Bowl
Location: Miami, FL
Final Score: Florida State 45, Missouri 29
Notes: Seminoles is having easy time with Mizzou. With victory plus Baylor loss, Seminoles is now #1 Top Power rank team in country. Is hard to argue. Is having second best offense (only behind Oregon) and second-best defense (only behind Louisville) of remaining teams in playoffs. Is now being put to test in semifinal Fiesta Bowl against Eagles of Boston College, who is now American favorite Cinderella story team.


Game: Peach Bowl
Location: Atlanta, GA
Final Score: Louisville 23, Michigan State 21
Notes: Is very competitive game, and Cardinals of Louisville is winning by thin edge. Is mostly contest between very good defenses, but Louisville is proving little bit better defense than Spartans. Michigan State is having very good season and is making big hope of being new top dog team in District 3 over Buckeyes, Wolverines, and Irish for years to follow. Cardinals will face mighty Ducks of Oregon in semifinal in beautiful Hawaii Aloha Bowl.


Game: Sugar Bowl
Location: New Orleans, LA
Final Score: Oregon 31, Oklahoma State 26
Notes: Last year, it was Ducks of Oregon who were #1 undefeated team and is suffering big upset loss to lowest-seed team (Utah State) in quarterfinal of playoffs. This season, Oregon is showing humility when is losing first game of season. But then is turning offense into high-octane MiG fighter jet, becoming top offense in country. Upset defeat of Oklahoma State in quarterfinal Sugar Bowl is awarding Ducks with trip to Aloha Bowl in Hawaii to play against Cardinals of Louisville.

On to Semifinals!

Here is matchups of Tier 1 semifinal games. Highest-seed teams is picking location for next game from remaining possible bowl games (Fiesta, Rose, Aloha). Winners is then playing each other in national championship:

  • (2) Florida State (13-1, #1) vs. (8) Boston College (11-3, #8) – Fiesta Bowl
  • (3) Louisville (13-1, #3) vs. (5) Oregon (12-2, #4) – Aloha Bowl

In one day or two, we will review Tier 2 Quarterfinal playoff game results.

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