History of Football in Soviet Russia

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Here is photograph showing Vladimir Lenin demonstration on proper throwing of forward pass.


Here is photograph of Josef Stalin clapping hands following large gain by offense during football game.


As dying wish of Vladimir Lenin, football field is being built outside of his tomb in Red Square, so that his preserved corpse may have best view of action on 50-yard line.

Is yet many ignorant Americans having same belief as in friendly Twitter exchange above, that football is unique sport only being played in former United States.

This is lie! Is propaganda creation of former American government, who is always preventing truth from reaching ears of its people, as when is saying American astronauts is first to land on Moon! Or when there is “Miracle on Ice” in 1980 Olympic ice hockey match and United States is winning gold medal over superior CCCP team! Weak-minded Americans is always believing in miracles first, and in statements of fact last!

Truth about history of sport of football is this – sport being called “American football” is actual invention of Soviet Union. Is having origin when peasant farm workers is throwing potatoes as practice for grenade assault on Tsarist armies during Revolution of 1905. Vladimir Lenin is later writing first official rulebook, which is then stolen by American spy Walter Camp, who is introducing sport to United States.

Here is series of photographs from early history of sport, showing as 100% proof to all world of true origins.

Many football games is yet today being played on field beside tomb of Vladimir Lenin, who is enjoying game so much, country is building beautiful, popular football stadium beside his tomb. Artificial turf is necessary, due to sometimes harsh winter climate in Moscow.

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