Football Poll is Simple Math Problem

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New Top Power 25 system is being from inspiration of famous Soviet mathematician Sofya Yanovskaya.

New Top Power 25 system is being from inspiration of famous Soviet mathematician Sofya Yanovskaya.

In old system, every week is American college football ranking appearing in newspaper. Group of “experts” is picking 25 teams as best and strongest teams in country, and then all football fans is having arguments on internet for remaining days of week about how unfair system is.

American college football fans is right! System is very corrupt because experts is receiving money from boosters at college football team headquarters, to vote for this team as being better or this other team is being worst! Later, college football is making BCS Standings, and saying is supercomputer that is picking Top 25 teams. But computer formula is only one small piece of puzzle! Opinion of “expert” is still making large pieces of puzzle! All college football fans is arguing even more!

Commie Football is solving problem by making new Top Power 25 ranking. Is all generated by Russian supercomputer algorithm, so is without corrupt sickness as filthy college football program booster slush money, or blind loyalty to college football team that is making brain turn off and vote for same team in poll every week, or newspaper boss is wanting to sell more newspapers and is making local team top in poll. NYET! Is complex formula of won-loss record, points for/against, and also being combined with opponents’ won-loss record and points for/against.

First team in #1 position of Tier 1 Top Power 25 is Seminoles of Florida State (from District 4), who is undefeated 3-0. In Tier 2, #1 team right now is Mean Green of North Texas (District 7), also 3-0. Champions of 2012 Utah State Aggies is rank #10 (Tier 1) and Troy Trojans is rank #13 (Tier 2).

Math is not having emotions of human. Is better system.

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