Down at Crossroads, Is Also Time for Realignment

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crossroadsRealignment is not having impact only on Tier 1 level. Like famous American blues guitar player Ralf Macchio, Tier 2 is true “crossroads” in organization of PUACF, where teams is both departing and arriving, due to innovative promotion and relegation process.

For upcoming 2015 season, is nine new teams playing on Tier 2 level: Ball State, Bowling Green, Kent State, and Northern Illinois (from Tier 1 via relegation); and Alcorn State, GramblingMercerMorgan State and Western Carolina (from Tier 3 via promotion). Due to this influx of new teams to Tier 2, is necessary for geographic realignment.

Here is entire list of changes for each Tier 2 district (1 through 8) in coming 2015 season. Team names in bold is signifying new team in district, team names in italic is team moving from opposite division of same district:


DISTRICT 1: Is nothing new. As in Tier 1/District 1, is same teams in same divisions.

NORTH: Brown, Harvard, Maine, New Hampshire, UMass, Yale
SOUTH: Lafayette, Lehigh, Penn, Princeton, Stony Brook, Villanova


DISTRICT 2: Is saying “have good luck” to Appalachian State, who is receiving promotion to Tier 1, and do svidaniya to Elon, who is suffering relegation to Tier 3. Is also saying “howdy” to Morgan State, who is receiving promotion from Tier 3, and Charlotte 49ers, who is moving here from District 3. William & Mary is also shifting to South division.

NORTH: Delaware, James Madison, Liberty, Morgan State, Richmond, Towson
SOUTH: Charlotte, Norfolk State, North Carolina A&T, North Carolina Central, Old Dominion, William & Mary


DISTRICT 3: Is adding two new teams being promoted from Tier 3 – Western Carolina and Mercer, who is replacing Charlotte (move to District 2) and Georgia State (move to District 4) .

NORTH: Citadel, Coastal Carolina, Furman, South Carolina State, Western Carolina, Wofford
SOUTH: Bethune-Cookman, FIU, Florida A&M, Florida Atlantic, Georgia Southern, Mercer


DISTRICT 4: Is many changes. UAB Blazers is dying like Trotsky, while Jackson State, Southern U, and Tulane is all moving to new configuration in District 7. To replace departed teams is Georgia State (from District 3), and trio of teams from District 5: Middle Tennessee; Tennessee State; and runner-up from Tier 2 championship, Western Kentucky. These changes is also causing Alabama State, Jacksonville State, and Samford switch to South division.

NORTH: Alabama A&M, Chattanooga, Georgia State, Middle Tennessee, Tennessee State, Western Kentucky
SOUTH: Alabama State, Jacksonville State, Samford, South Alabama, Southern Miss, Troy


DISTRICT 5: Is welcoming three teams relegated from Tier 1: Ball State, Bowling Green, and Kent State. To make space, is sending Middle Tennessee, Tennessee State, and 2014 Tier 2 runner-up WKU to District 4. Also, three teams is swapping divisions: Akron, Toledo, and Youngstown State.

NORTH: Bowling Green, Buffalo, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Toledo, Western Michigan
SOUTH: Akron, Ball State, Eastern Kentucky, Kent State, Miami (OH), Youngstown State


DISTRICT 6: Skyhawks of Tennessee-Martin is being relegated to Tier 3, but is being replaced here by Northern Illinois, relegated from Tier 1. Western Illinois is switching divisions to make space for Huskies.

NORTH: North Dakota, North Dakota State, Northern Illinois, Northern Iowa, South Dakota, South Dakota State
SOUTH: Central Arkansas, Eastern Illinois, Illinois State, Missouri State, Southern Illinois, Western Illinois


DISTRICT 7: Is experiencing many changes, including departure of Texas State and UTEP – both promoted to Tier 1. To replace is addition of two new teams promoted from Tier 3: Alcorn State and Grambling. New Mexico, New Mexico State, and Northern Arizona is moving to District 8, being replaced by three teams from District 4: Jackson State, Southern U, and Tulane. Five teams is also switching from East to West division.

EAST: Alcorn State, Grambling, Jackson State, Louisiana-Monroe, Southern U, Tulane
WEST: Lamar, McNeese State, North Texas, Northwestern State, Sam Houston State, Stephen F. Austin


DISTRICT 8: 2014 Tier 2 champion Colorado State Rams is now promoted to Tier 1, while UC Davis and Southern Utah is both relegated to Tier 3. To replace, is three teams moving from District 7. Also, Sacramento State is shifting to North division.

NORTH: Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, Montana State, Sacramento State, Wyoming
SOUTH: Cal Poly, New Mexico, New Mexico State, Northern Arizona, San Jose State, UNLV



Here is photo Intern Bobby is sending to me via cellphone, of Soviet gunship shooting missle at him, before departing for an additional three months.

Here is photo Intern Bobby is sending to me via cellphone message, of Soviet gunship shooting missle at him, before departing for additional three months, minimum.

Is unfortunate situation. You may remember from previous post, I am making many tedious preparation for Intern Bobby to leave emergency secondary headquarter via Mi-24 military gunship helicopter, because internship is now over.

As final task of internship, I am giving Bobby map and compass to find path over many kilometers of difficult terrain to rendezvous point with helicopter. Is final reward for Bobby, as show of trust in spite of many mistakes he is always making during previous football season.

But Bobby is behaving in unserious manner. Is thinking this is simple task, that Georgy will help if there is difficulty to find rendezvous location. Bobby Is learning hard lesson how serious is this situation.

Helicopter is dropping supplies, da, then is waiting for three hours, then is again departing. But Bobby is only finally locating rendezvous location after gunship is already in air for departing.

Bobby is then running from forest, shooting flare pistol, which is causing gunship to believe it is experiencing attack! Gunship is firing missles in return, but is lucky for Bobby, because kickback of flare gun is causing him to fall behind old tree stump, protecting from blast of missles. Gunship is then believing Bobby dead, and is leaving area. I am finding Bobby later and returning to emergency secondary headquarter, having to carry him on sled, also full of new supplies.

Now Bobby is remaining here for additional three months, minimum, until next shipment of supplies is necessary… and NEW INTERN is beginning for next season! Chert poberi!

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