Week Seven: Remembered Shame is Fuel of Later Victory

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SHAME! Is common feeling in Commie Football.

SHAME! Is common feeling in Commie Football.


In every old capitalist college football system – NCAA, FBS, BCS, or CFP – is very common for team to be perfect 7-0 by this time of season. Why is this? Is because of nonsense conference system! Is because of incentive to pack schedule full with cupcake games, like young piglet stuffing for later slaughter! Is because of artificial popularity poll made by undeserving committee, a creation of hungry-for-advertising-revenue American television corporation, who is then saying every game is with very best teams! Bred sivoy kobyly!

Uggggh. Boooooored! Georgy is all like, TOTALLY obsessed with teaching us about Soviet military history, and I’m just like, barely awake… Leningrad, Novgorod, Stalingrad, Ostrogozhsk–Rossosh… BLUURRRGGG. Pass the kvass! Know what I’m sayin’? Anyway, I’m learning a lot, I guess. Oh, and what else was there… maybe just that… HARVARD’S STILL NUMBER ONE TOP POWER RANKING ON TIER 2, baby! Kyle, did you see that? I find that very interesting. I find that to be exceptional, don’t you think? The Russians love them some CRIMSON, amirite? Oh, but SIGGGH. It’s so lonely on the top. Perhaps the 1% know the pain of which I speak? Yeah, Georgy’s all like, fired up about the Battle of Kharkov or whatever, and I’m just like “DUDE. You don’t GET IT.” You know? Because I’m like, FREAKING OUT right now after Yale beat UMass this week. 36 to 34. And I know Yale’s like, still only 2-5 and totally in last place in the Tier 2, District 1 North division, and it’s not like it’s gonna be easy to get past Southern Miss and, YEAH, FINE – Harvard in the last game of the season. Aw, man – wouldn’t it be SWEET if Yale totally won out and Harvard lost the rest of their games, and it came down to the final game of the year – Harvard’s 7 and 4 and Yale’s 6 and 5 – and Yale totally beats Harvard’s ass and WINS THE DIVISION based on head-to-head tiebreaker? Dude! You would NOT be able to deny – that would be a total SIGN FROM GOD about what I’m supposed to do to Bobby.

When top college football team is suffering even one loss in antiquated system of NCAA, fans is weeping like drunken American debyutantka in nightclub bathroom, cursing before-favorite coach and young players. Football critics is saying is impossible for this team to now win “invitation” to miniature CFP playoff for make championship game.

Reaction is ridiculous! Is demonstration of weakness! Did Soviet Union quit war following disaster in First Battle of Kiev? NYET! Did fall of Kharkov result in Soviet surrender? NYET! One or two losing battles is not meaning war is finish!


Before Week Seven of Commie Football season, is only eight remaining unbeaten teams total, on both Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels. Now, is even less! Washington Huskies (6-1) is losing first game of season by 31-29 score to back-from-dead Oregon Ducks (2-5). Also in District 8, California Golden Bears (6-1) is falling in defeat for first time by score 43-33 to Cougars of Washington State (4-3). Only one team is remaining unbeaten on Tier 1 level – but how long can Stanford Cardinal (7-0), who is enjoying easy 31-17 victory over Hawaii in Week Seven, remain without blemish, like rare Isaak Brodsky painting?

On Tier 2 level, is more damage for unbeaten teams! James Madison, Georgia Southern, and Sam Houston State is all suffering first loss of season in Week Seven.

Is season now over for Huskies and Cal? Should JMU, Georgia Southern, and Sam Houston abandon schedule and quit season? Is championship dream over for any team with only one loss?

NYET! Is only one battle! Full Commie Football season is long war, and is yet many opportunity for enough victory to make 16-team playoff and possible championship! Is fact – only teams with six or seven losses is already ineligible for playoff, but this is now include only 13 of 96 teams on Tier 1 level!

But da, single loss in playoff is resulting in immediate death.

Here is summary of results for exciting Week 7 games in Commie Football:

  • District 1: Temple Owls (5-2) is defeating Syracuse 24-17, moving back into tie for North division lead with Rutgers, who is losing 40-22 in medieval battle between Scarlet Knights and Black Knights of Army (3-4); Pitt Panthers (2-5) is tasting delicious nectar of 27-25 victory vs. nemesis Nittany Lions (4-3); WVU (4-3) is taking advantage with 29-22 victory vs. Navy Midshipmen to stay in South division playoff race.
  • District 2: Blue Devils (6-1, #8 rank) 35-28 victory vs. East Carolina is giving Duke a two-game lead in North division; Georgia Bulldogs (4-3) is teaching upstart Appalachian State (5-2, #20) a hard lesson in 26-19 victory; Clemson (5-2, #24) is destroying Tennessee Vols in 39-7 annihilation, to claim South division lead.
  • District 3: Buckeyes (5-2, #21 rank) is treating arch rival Michigan Wolverines (5-2, #13) to 30-16 beatdown; Michigan State (5-2, #17) is exploding all over Ohio Bobcats 67-17 to create 3-way tie with UM and OSU for North division lead; Memphis Tigers (5-2, #18) is surging with power to 54-29 victory vs. Kentucky Wildcats, to take lead in South.
  • District 4: South Florida Bulls (6-1, #10 rank) is destroying nemesis UCF 49-12 to maintain East division lead; Seminoles of FSU (5-2, #12) is lurking just behind after 37-11 victory vs. Miami Hurricanes; Ole Miss (5-2, #16) is recapturing advantage in West division with 28-12 victory vs. Louisiana Tech; Mississippi State (3-4) is clanging cowbell, defeating Crimson Tide (5-2, #22) in huge 28-17 upset victory; LSU (5-2) is missing good opportunity with embarrassing 34-30 defeat to usual weak Ragin’ Cajuns of Louisiana-Lafayette (4-3).
  • District 5: Fighting Irish (6-1, #3 rank) is making quiet comeback in Top Power rankings, fighting off Northwestern (5-2, #15) in key 31-29 victory; Iowa Hawkeyes (6-1, #4) is defeating Kansas State (5-2) 25-14 in equal critical South division game; Mizzou (6-1, #5) is sharing lead of South division following 24-18 victory vs. Cyclones of Iowa State
  • District 6: Oklahoma State (6-1) is gushing like Baku oil well up to #2 Top Power rank after 62-26 domination victory of Tulsa Golden Hurricane; Meanwhile, Oklahoma Sooners (6-1, #6) 55-40 win vs. Razorbacks of Arkansas is moving OU into 3-way tie for North division lead; Horned Frogs of TCU (6-1, #7) is third team in tie after easy 43-21 win vs. SMU; In South division, Houston Cougars (5-2, #25) is surprise beating Baylor Bears 43-27 in upset victory, is now tie for South lead with Texas A&M (5-2) who is embarrassing losing by score 21-19 to little Texas State Bobcats!
  • District 7: Defending Tier 2 champion Colorado State Rams (4-3) is surprising Boise State (5-2, #14 rank) in 26-24 upset victory; Air Force Falcons (4-3) is remaining in hunt for South division title with 37-19 victory vs.  ASU Sun Devils; Arizona Wildcats (4-3) is beating UTEP 38-29 to maintain tie for South division lead.
  • District 8: Oregon Ducks (2-5) is finally winning games, ruining perfect season of Washington Huskies (6-1, #9 rank) in 31-29 upset win; Wazzu (4-3) is also wrecking perfect season of Cal Golden Bears (6-1, #11) with 43-33 upset victory; Stanford (7-0, #1 rank) is last remaining unbeaten Tier 1 team after 31-17 win vs. Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii.


Harvard Crimson (7-0, #1 rank) is continue success with 39-18 victory vs. Brown to maintain #1 Top Power rank; In best game of week, featuring two unbeaten teams, McNeese State Cowboys (7-0, #2) is defeating Sam Houston State 29-25 to seize control of District 7 playoff race; Toledo Rockets (6-1, #3) is continue to fly high in 36-29 over Chippewas of Central Michigan; Southern Miss (6-1, #4) is efficient defeating of Samford by score 50-23; 2014 runner-up Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (6-1, #5) is climbing again near top of hill after 34-28 over Georgia State.

Week Six: How Tall Can Tree Grow?

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Here is KGB photograph showing Hyperion, tallest growing American tree. Was very difficult to locate, climb, and burn Commie Football symbol in trunk.

Here is KGB photograph showing Hyperion, tallest growing American tree. Was very difficult to locate, climb, and burn Commie Football symbol in trunk.


Is not coincidence. Top researchers at every American university is working all hours, day and night, to develop superior football playbook. Now, at halfway point of 2015 Commie Football season, result of scientific work is rise to #1 Top Power rank of teams with most power in brains!


Last week, is ascension of Harvard Crimson to #1 rank on Tier 2 level. After Week Six, is now also Tier 1 football school with superior academic reputation at top of heap. Unbeaten Stanford Cardinal (6-0) is new #1 Top Power rank team, following 56-22 victory vs. Nevada Wolf Pack.

But what is happening to previous #1 rank team, Wolverines of Michigan? Is disaster game, no fan is predicting! Wolverines is falling prey to Memphis Tigers (4-2), who is winning in 32-23 upset, dropping Michigan to #6 rank. Is becoming curious pattern for Memphis, who is making similar upset defeat of then-#1 rank Ole Miss last season. Tigers is now leading weak District 3 South division. Is very good result for team who is playing only on Tier 2 level in 2013 season! Perhaps is too good… if you catch meaning (notify KGB, quiet).


Spoiled American college football fans is making complaint with only three remaining unbeaten teams on Tier 1 level. Fans is accustomed to favorite team being always undefeated halfway into season. This is due to ridiculous easy cupcake games in early weeks. In old system, is easy way for AP Top 25 team to remain unbeaten long into season, creating artificial, unearned excitement when meeting other “ranked” team. In world of Commie Football, with superior schedule system, this is impossible dream! Undefeated season is rare, much like precious Rose Trellis egg.

In Week 6, all teams is playing game vs. opponent from same District (but in opposite division). Here is review of Commie Football action, in this week:

  • District 1: Scarlet Knights of Rutgers (5-1, #13 rank) is teaching WVU painful lesson in 59-45 victory to claim lead of North division; Weak Syracuse (2-4) is upset defeating Penn State (4-2) 38-27, but Nittany Lions is yet retaining lead of South.
  • District 2: Duke Blue Devils (5-1, #15 rank) is defeating Volunteers of Tennessee 27-10, earning 2-game lead in North division; New Tier 1 team Appalachian State (5-1, #12 rank) is continuing surprise success, defeating Wake Forest 40-21 to remain on top of South.
  • District 3: As is report already, Memphis Tigers (4-2) is shocking top-rank Wolverines (5-1, now drop to #6) in 32-23 upset victory; Defending champion The Ohio State (4-2) is defeating Kentucky 34-18; Michigan State Spartans (4-2) is enjoying 31-19 easy victory vs. Thundering Herd of Marshall.
  • District 4: South Florida Bulls (5-1, #20 rank) is winning much, defeating Ragin’ Cajuns 36-22 to maintain East division lead; Crimson Tide (5-1, #11 rank) is creating too much red water for Gators to swim in 38-25 victory; Tigers of LSU (5-1, #19 rank) is narrow defeating Auburn 31-29, to make tie with Bama for lead in West division.
  • District 5: Notre Dame (5-1) is return to #5 Top Power rank after 48-15 defeat of Kansas State (5-1), who is dropping far from #5 to #17; Hawkeyes of Iowa (5-1, #8 rank) is handing first defeat of season to Northwestern (5-1, #14) by score 40-10; Mizzou (5-1, #9) is defeating Golden Gophers of Minnesota 27-17, to create three-way tie for lead in South division!
  • District 6: Oklahoma State (5-1, #4 rank) is introducing Texas A&M (5-1, #18) to concept of loss in 39-23 win; Sooners of Oklahoma (5-1, #10 rank) is trapping Baylor (4-2, #25) in bear trap in 47-31 victory; Who is having sharpest horn? Horned Frogs of TCU (5-1, #16 rank) is defeating Texas Longhorns 40-22 to claim honor.
  • District 7: Boise State (5-1, #7 rank) is leader of North division after 45-28 victory vs. UTSA; Utah Utes (4-2, #24 rank) is defeating Arizona Wildcats 33-28, is now massive jam of logs in South division with four teams having mediocre 3-3 record.
  • District 8 is rare boasting three top teams (and none with name Duck or Trojan)! Unbeaten Washington Huskies (6-0) is rising to #2 Top Power rank following 31-28 victory vs. USC; Golden Bears of Cal (6-0, #3 rank) is yet unbeaten after 24-21 victory vs. San Diego State Aztecs; And da, da – of course is also Stanford.


Here is games with teams in Top 5:

  1. Defending #1 Top Power rank on Tier 2 level in battle of ancient Ivy League rivals, Harvard Crimson (6-0) is remain unbeaten with 40-15 victory over hated Princeton Tigers. Next is
  2. James  Madison Dukes (6-0, #2 rank), who is beating Charlotte 36-17.
  3. Georgia Southern Eagles (6-0) is enjoying delicious 40-21 victory over Terriers of Wofford.
  4. Sneaky McNeese State Cowboys (6-0, #4) is defeating rival from Louisiana SSR, Grambling, by score 31-24.
  5. Bearkats of Sam Houston State (6-0, #5) is winning against Jackson State, 31-26. SHSU is always very sneaky team.


Stanford logo with large pine tree is reminding – is very large tree growing near Emergency Secondary Headquarters, perhaps 100 meters tall. Is much taller than surrounding trees. I am worrying of branch falling in massive ice storm, and possible damage to electric wires. I am sending Intern Kyle to chop down this tree, using only axe and rope. Former intern (now member of staff) Bobby is to assist Kyle, perhaps to hold rope.

This large tree is very beautiful. Will supply much firewood for coming difficult Siberian winter.

Week Five: Brain & Brawn, Also

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Here is image from KGB video showing fans of Harvard Crimson at recent football game.

Here is still image taken from KGB video feed. Is showing excitement of Harvard Crimson fans at recent Tier 2 football game.

Is rare when developments on Tier 2 level is surpassing Tier 1 in interest, but this week is making exception.

Da, is many universities with strong-like-bull American football program. This is primary purpose of most American schools. Is also primary reason why there is none American university with academic reputation as excellent as Russian universities. Is no American equivalent to Lomonosov Moscow or Novosibirsk State University, as two obvious examples!

So, OMG. After watching like, 20 different games on the satellite feeds this weekend, I’m just like, enjoying some “me time” in the hot tub (the BEST!) and Kyle comes busting in, all like, “What did you do?There is NO WAY, man!” and he starts like, accusing me of hacking into Georgy’s spreadsheets and rigging it so Harvard gets the #1 Top Power ranking, or something. COMPLETELY unhinged. Dude, the only thing I’ve been hacking this week is a lung! Georgy told me to throw some more logs in the primary furnace, and I don’t know, I just go outside and grab one right by the hatch door (which I’ve learned to ALWAYS prop open, and don’t go very far) and I chuck it in the furnace. Turns out it’s like, this fake plastic log, and *of course* it has a spare key hidden in it.  The smoke was totally TOXIC, and Georgy comes in sniffing all around and starts freaking out – “PUT HAND IN AND RETRIEVE! QUICKLY BOBBY! RETRIEVE KEY, IS VERY IMPORTANT!” and I’m like, “Chill OUTTT” because he acts like everything’s an emergency. So I grab this metal hoe and start trying to get it, but instead I catch a faceful of poison smoke, and like, pass out right there on the dirt floor! I think Georgy got it out, though.Worst week ever? Nah. I mean, Yale got spanked by Princeton, and Harvard’s — ugh, I can’t even say it — number… one… in something other than being a total PRETENTIOUS PANSY school? Top Power rank. Yeah, right. Totally soft schedule. I’ll admit, I thought Bobby had something to do with it, but that was before I saw him trying to blow bubbles with this like, super-old “Yerevan” chewing gum, and he somehow gets it stuck all through his hair. After that, I was like – okay, no way Bobby knows how to crack a password.

However, is one American university many officials is considering to possess mere “okay” academic reputation. Its reputation is slightly better education than Tomsk State University, but is only because of difficulty in delivering new textbooks to remote Siberia.

Intern Kyle is perhaps disagree, but only “okay” American school is Harvard University, in Massachusetts SSR. (Yale is yet lower, behind Tomsk in rank.) Big news this week is Harvard Crimson football team now climbing to #1 Top Power rank on Tier 2 level!

Why is big news? Is unusual for former Ivy League school to reach such height in football. Perhaps famous Harvard researchers is now using advanced brains to create football playbook?

This season, Crimson is already defeating Tier 2 power teams North Dakota State, New Hampshire, UMass, and Toledo Rockets. In Week 5, Harvard is enjoying easy victory against Lafayette, winning by unusual score 42-4. Perhaps this is proving Lafayette is ultimate “safety” school, da?

In relative weak Tier 2/District 1, is possible for Crimson to now win every game of regular season. But is difficult exam in coming week, when Harvard is meeting old Ivy League rival Princeton Tigers (4-1, #15 rank)!

But enough Tier 2 news. Here is important Week 5 information from all Districts of Tier 1:

  • District 1: In North division, is near identical record for UConn (4-1, #24 rank) who is winning 37-19 upset victory over WVU, and Rutgers (4-1, #23 rank), who is keeping pace with 37-29 victory vs. Terps of Maryland; In South, Penn State (4-1, #13 rank) is leader after 25-15 victory in 2014 District 1 Championship rematch vs. Temple Owls.
  • District 2: Surprise Blue Devils of Duke (4-1, #17 rank) is taking command of North division with 45-13 victory vs. Gamecocks of South Carolina; Appalachian State (4-1, #21 rank), in only first season at Tier 1 level, is shocking entire nation by taking South division lead after 24-9 victory vs. NC State; Former #1 Top Rank Georgia Bulldogs is now dropping to 3-2 record after 21-15 humble defeat to Wake Forest (3-2).
  • District 3: #1 Top Power Rank Wolverines of Michigan (5-0) is continue very strong, beating Arkansas State 44-9; Memphis Tigers (3-2) is yet leader in South division, despite defeat to defending champion THE Ohio State Buckeyes (3-2).
  • District 4: Surprise USF (4-1) is beating Louisiana Tech 38-29, and somehow finding way to lead of tough East division; Crimson Tide (4-1, #14 rank) is claiming 28-17 Iron Bowl victory vs. nemesis Auburn; In rematch of District 4 Championship from last season, Ole Miss (4-1, #12 rank) is again defeating Florida State, this time 25-17; LSU (4-1, #25 rank) is beating UCF 43-18, to remain with big boys in lead of tough West division.
  • District 5Northwestern (5-0, #2 rank) is yet unblemished, defeating Jayhawks 33-22; Unbeaten Kansas State Wildcats (5-0) is scratching way to #5 Top Power rank after 43-32 defeat of poor Purdue; Fighting Irish (4-1, #10 rank) is proving might with 31-26 victory vs. good Hawkeyes of Iowa (4-1, #19); In upset victory, Illinois Fighting Illini (3-2) is ruining perfect-so-far season of Mizzou (4-1, #15 rank) in shock 21-16 victory.
  • District 6Oklahoma State (4-1, #8 rank) is technical leader of North division, defeating hated Longhorns 28-25 in OT; Sooners of Oklahoma (4-1, #20 rank) is in hunt after 35-18 win vs. Rice Owls; TCU Horned Frogs (4-1, #22 rank) is enjoying 51-36 victory vs. new-kid-on-Tier Texas State Bobcats; Texas A&M (5-0, #7 rank) is remaining unbeaten and one step ahead of dangerous Baylor Bears (4-1, #11), after 42-26 victory vs. SMU.
  • District 7Boise State (4-1, #9 rank) is raining destruction down on poor UTEP in 73-8 victory; Is Air Force best team in Colorado SSR? Falcons (3-2) is defeating Colorado Buffs 32-28 to lead three-way tie at top of South division; Arizona Wildcats (3-2) is making strong show, destroying Colorado State Rams 43-8; Sun Devils of Arizona State (3-2) is also in this tie for lead, defeating BYU 43-34.
  • District 8: California Golden Bears (5-0) is remaining perfect, but dropping to #6 Top Power rank following close 26-22 win vs. bad Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii; Washington Huskies (5-0) is climbing to #3 rank after 37-13 win vs. winless Fresno State; Stanford (5-0, #4 rank) is victorious in close 39-32 win over Wazzu to take lead in South division.

If Harvard is such good university for academics AND football, why is so difficult to understand information for finding intern on school website FAQ?

Week Four: What is Wolverine?

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Michigan Wolverines football team is enjoying success since overthrow of previous administration by new Premier, Yakov Harbaugh.

Michigan Wolverines football collective is enjoying success since overthrow of previous administration by new Premier Coach, Yakov Harbaugh.


Is small animal, like a barsuk, but terribly ferocious. It is also nickname of University of Michigan SSR sports collective! This team is surprise rising to #1 Top Power rank following 31-5 victory over inferior Air Force Falcons in Week Four of Commie Football season. Wolverines is replacing Bulldogs of Georgia, who is being pushed away from food trough like mere runt puppy, losing 36-19 to California Golden Bears (who by way is also yet unbeaten and rising to #4 Top Power rank).

Da, is much upheaval in Top Power Rankings! All five of top teams – Georgia, West Virginia, Florida State, UCLA, and Ole Miss – is losing in Week Four, creating opportunity for new teams to rise, like delicious Russian black bread. One-third of season is complete, and only nine teams is yet undefeated. Only nine! Is proof that superior Commie Football schedule matrix, with no easy, early-season cupcake games, is best competition to determine true strength of all American college football teams!

In Week Four, every team in country is playing similar strength opponent from different District. Here is summary of important game results:

Finally, Yale won a game, if you can believe it. Took down Western Michigan 27-21. WMU was a Tier 2 playoff team last year, so that’s pretty huge. Georgy’s all like (in his dumb accent), “But WMU is yet winless. Is rank only #94 of Tier 2. Is terrible team.” All I could think about was how much I want to put my fist through his fotch. A win. Is a win. Is a WIN! Why can’t he just let me enjoy it, you know?
Speaking of “ocean of red tears” (which, if you are, means you’re Georgy talking about how Western Kentucky was “only millimeter close” to winning the Tier 2 championship last year, blah blah), earlier this week Georgy had me go down to one of the subterranean storage chambers to fetch some more bleach, because we had to wash out one of the abattoir zones (long story). The light bulb was like, burned out or something, and so it was just this dim, blue emergency lighting – super dark. I grab this bottle of what I think is bleach, and start back up the steps but I totally slip on the top stair (I’ve told Georgy about it like, 50 times, but of course he hasn’t dealt with it) and I kind of fall but try to catch myself with the big bottle. It like, slams down on the floor in front of me and the top flies off, and this noxious cloud like, explodes all in my eyes and face. And it started stinging. Like, *really* bad. But the good news is I got out of work for like, almost a week until my chemical burns healed and my eyesight started coming back. Score!

  • District 1: Plucky Temple Owls (3-1, #13 rank) is defeating Fighting Irish (3-1, #18) 22-14 in tremendous upset victory; this is creating three-way tie at top of North division after Rutgers (3-1, #24) is losing 19-17 to Nebraska Cornhuskers and UConn (3-1) is losing 22-13 to Fighting Illini; Penn State (3-1, #23) is catching WVU at top of South division after defeating old enemy from midwest, Wisconsin Badgers, by score 15-10.
  • District 2: Duke Blue Devils (3-1) is now tied with Virginia Tech at top of East division following  28-7 victory vs. Nevada Wolf Pack; in West division, loss of Georgia Bulldogs (3-1, #11) is allowing Gamecocks of South Carolina and surprise Appalachian State, who is new Tier 1 team defeating Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii 36-13, to tie at top of standings.
  • District 3: Wolverines (4-0, #1 rank) is already enjoying two-game lead on key rivals Michigan State and Ohio State (both 2-2 and losing this week); in South division, Memphis Tigers (3-1) is alone at top after 40-17 upset victory vs. Arizona Wildcats.
  • District 4: Surprise South Florida Bulls (3-1) is tying FSU in lead of East division following 28-24 USF victory vs. winless Tulsa; after terrible, confusing 2014 season, Alabama Crimson Tide (3-1) is returning to winning ways, crushing winless Texas State 59-14 to tie Ole Miss and LSU at top of West division standings.
  • District 5: Unbeaten Northwestern Wildcats is climbing to #2 Top Power rank after decisive 36-12 victory over #2 team from last week, WVU; in South division, is war looming due to simultaneous undefeated 4-0 records of Mizzou (#3 rank), Kansas State Wildcats (#5), and Iowa Hawkeyes (#8).
  • District 6: Is collision of four teams at top of North division! Oklahoma State (3-1, #10 rank) is throwing lasso around LSU in 40-18 surprise victory; Razorbacks of Arkansas (3-1) is ruining Hotty Toddy drinking of Ole Miss (3-1, #14) in 31-15 win; Sooners of Oklahoma (3-1, #21) is reliving past glories in 39-23 victory over Miami Hurricanes; TCU Horned Frogs (3-1, #17) is hopping all over Florida State (3-1, #12), winning 33-15; meanwhile, in South division, unbeaten Texas A&M (4-0, #9) is proving superiority over Mississippi State in 30-17 victory.
  • District 7: Boise State (3-1, #16 rank) is beating Louisville 34-10 to take command of North division; defending champion Buckeyes (2-2) is looking only mediocre in 33-28 loss to Arizona State Sun Devils (2-2), who is tied with four other teams to lead weak South division.
  • District 8: Washington Huskies (4-0, #7 rank) is yet unbeaten, defeating NC State 23-15 to keep pace with Cal Golden Bears (4-0, #4) at top of North division; unbeaten Stanford (4-0, #6 rank) is victorious vs. tough Clemson, winning 39-20 and taking lead in South after 35-30 UCLA loss to Georgia Tech; what the quack is happened to Oregon? One-time mighty Ducks (0-4) is losing 37-32 to East Carolina.


WKUFor Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, 2014 season is ending in ocean of red tears, when WKU is losing Tier 2 championship game by only three points to Colorado State Rams. Is millimeter close! Then in offseason, is combining insult and injuries when Hilltoppers is being denied promotion to Tier 1 level, instead watching CSU and three other teams with inferior record receive this great honor.

How can Big Red avenge this insult? Is only one way – for WKU to destroy all opponents on 2015 schedule and capture Tier 2 championship! So far, plan is working – in Week Four, WKU (4-0) is unleashing destruction on Huskies of Northern Illinois, winning by outrageous score of 64-12 to claim #1 Top Power ranking on Tier 2 level. Remember, NIU is Tier 1 level team only last season (now on Tier 2 due to relegation).

Perhaps at end of undefeated season, Tier 1 is finally taking notice of Western Kentucky and sending proper invitation for promotion.

Is similar situation to when popular people is not inviting you to fun party. Instead of cry alone in cold basement bathing area, is best you are demonstrating rage, cutting wide path of destruction with fists and bayonet, to prove strength and make entire world fearful. Next party, you receive invitation.