American College Football Fans Can Now Make Marks on Kalendar

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2014-schedule-is-arrivingFollowing realignment announcements of spring, today is big day during off-season summer, for when all of American college football fan is waiting!

Nyet, is not arrival of shipment of fresh cherry plums from Crimea – is release of schedule for 2014 Commie Football season. Week One games is beginning first weekend in September, then is running for 12 weeks in row to end weekend before Thanksgiving.

Maybe you are fan of Tier 2 instead of Tier 1? You are then having to wait for little while longer for schedule release, like you are waiting for other things in very long line at local market – cherry plums, baking flour, medicine for children, etc. (UPDATE: Tier 2 Schedule is now also posted on same page.)

The Commie Football schedule is optimized for ensuring good competition to all teams, and most enjoyment for all American college football fans. For this coming fall football season, fans are finding zero ridiculous cupcake games, many interesting games between regional rivals, and many games featuring very best teams in country, instead of top teams never meeting due to archaic “conference” system of BCS past.

Here is few interesting facts about 2014 Commie Football schedule, for all fans to enjoy:

1. 2014 season is beginning with many large bangs! You are liking matchups between big college programs? Look at opening weekend schedule with very wide eyes:

  • Florida State vs. Oklahoma State
  • Alabama vs. Oklahoma
  • Louisville vs. Oregon
  • Ohio State vs. USC
  • Michigan vs. Stanford
  • Penn State vs. Clemson
  • Missouri vs. Baylor
  • Michigan State vs. UCLA
  • Auburn vs. Boise State
  • Wisconsin vs. LSU

And this is only opening weekend games, comrade! Because of superior scheduling formula, every week of season is seeing many games with matchups of “big time”.


Every team is playing 12 games: all 5 other teams in same DIVISION; 3 or 4 teams from other division in same DISTRICT; and 3 or 4 teams from different DISTRICT.

2. Because of unique method of assigning district rank to every team (based on previous season record), all non-district game is against team with same rank, so schedule is being more fair for all teams.

3. Even with advanced schedule formula, sometimes is important rivalry game that is falling through crack. Schedule is leaving one space (Week 11) as “open” for any missing rivalry game, so every team who is having big rival in different division/district is able to schedule important game for enjoyment of fans. As example, here is some games that happen in Week 11 this season:

  • Alabama vs. Auburn (both in District 4, but different Divisions)
  • Texas (District 6) vs. Oklahoma (District 7)
  • Georgia (Distict 2) vs. Florida (District 4)
  • Oregon vs. Stanford (both in District 8, but different Divisions)
  • Virginia (District 1) vs. Virginia Tech (District 2)
  • West Virginia (District 1) vs. Marshall (District 3)
  • Ohio State (District 2) vs. Penn State (District 1)
  • Tennessee (District 2) vs. Vanderbilt (District 4)

Because of superior Commie Football schedule, all college football fans can now stop crying about not seeing favorite rival teams!

4. Every college football team is spending less money for travel. Cost of travel is very large struggle for many football programs. Especially with rise in price of petrol following recent troubles in Crimea and Ukraine. In Commie Football system, every team is being geographically grouped in District, so this cost is not so high as in old BCS system. Student athletes is very comfortable riding in wagon for short trips.

You are staying tuned for release of Tier 2 schedule for 2014 season! (UPDATE: Tier 2 Schedule is now also posted on same page.)