Playoffs: Baylor is Stepping Paw Into Bear Trap

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“Yes, am having to cancel planned trip to maybe Hawaii to watch Baylor Bears play for national championship game.”

In Russian folklore, is expression – “When you are giving gift on Sunday, is possible invading army is destroying your village.”

Is meaning, when you are relaxing, not marking hard work on Sunday – when you are “taking day off” (as American workers are usual saying), that is day invading army is killing you, your family, your townsfolk and is turning three-car garage at front of your very large suburban house into district gulag.

American football is having adapted expression as principle of “Any Given Sunday.”  In college football, is changing one more time to “Any Given Saturday.” Baylor Bears is learning this difficult lesson in Round 2/Quarterfinal round of Commie Football playoffs.


Game: Cotton Bowl
Location: Arlington, TX
Final Score: Boston College 35, Baylor 32
Notes: Many is not giving Eagles of Boston College much chance of defeating powerful offense of unbeaten Baylor Bears in Round 2 Cotton Bowl game. Maybe fans of Baylor and maybe Bears team itself is looking to next game in perhaps Hawaii, and is thinking national championship is destiny of this team. Boston College is saving best football for biggest games of season, and is teaching Baylor the meaning of word razbitoye serdtse. How is this happening? Maybe is because Baylor is wearing cursed blackout uniform. Boston College is now advancing to play Florida State in semifinal Fiesta Bowl game.


Game: Orange Bowl
Location: Miami, FL
Final Score: Florida State 45, Missouri 29
Notes: Seminoles is having easy time with Mizzou. With victory plus Baylor loss, Seminoles is now #1 Top Power rank team in country. Is hard to argue. Is having second best offense (only behind Oregon) and second-best defense (only behind Louisville) of remaining teams in playoffs. Is now being put to test in semifinal Fiesta Bowl against Eagles of Boston College, who is now American favorite Cinderella story team.


Game: Peach Bowl
Location: Atlanta, GA
Final Score: Louisville 23, Michigan State 21
Notes: Is very competitive game, and Cardinals of Louisville is winning by thin edge. Is mostly contest between very good defenses, but Louisville is proving little bit better defense than Spartans. Michigan State is having very good season and is making big hope of being new top dog team in District 3 over Buckeyes, Wolverines, and Irish for years to follow. Cardinals will face mighty Ducks of Oregon in semifinal in beautiful Hawaii Aloha Bowl.


Game: Sugar Bowl
Location: New Orleans, LA
Final Score: Oregon 31, Oklahoma State 26
Notes: Last year, it was Ducks of Oregon who were #1 undefeated team and is suffering big upset loss to lowest-seed team (Utah State) in quarterfinal of playoffs. This season, Oregon is showing humility when is losing first game of season. But then is turning offense into high-octane MiG fighter jet, becoming top offense in country. Upset defeat of Oklahoma State in quarterfinal Sugar Bowl is awarding Ducks with trip to Aloha Bowl in Hawaii to play against Cardinals of Louisville.

On to Semifinals!

Here is matchups of Tier 1 semifinal games. Highest-seed teams is picking location for next game from remaining possible bowl games (Fiesta, Rose, Aloha). Winners is then playing each other in national championship:

  • (2) Florida State (13-1, #1) vs. (8) Boston College (11-3, #8) – Fiesta Bowl
  • (3) Louisville (13-1, #3) vs. (5) Oregon (12-2, #4) – Aloha Bowl

In one day or two, we will review Tier 2 Quarterfinal playoff game results.

Is Exciting Playoff Football On Tier 2 Also

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Is famous expression in Russia. Is spoken when farmer is saying more than one male rooster on same farm is best fighting male rooster.

Is also very exciting American college football playoff games on Tier 2. Only difference from Tier 1 is that games are being played at home stadium of team with better record.

Many teams in Tier 2 is coming originally from old FCS division, so is no stranger to playoff system. Critics of playoff system is saying is bad for student-athletes to play so many games in season, but old FCS teams is having no trouble with this! In Commie Football, only 16 of 96 teams is making playoffs on each Tier – so instead of playing in meaningless bowl game named for corporation, majority of student-athletes is sitting on futon in college dormitory, eating chips of potato and watching playoff games on television.

Maybe also is thinking how losing season is dishonor to university, and is training hard for next season by carrying giant logs from edge of frozen campus to heat large boiler in central boiler facility.

Here is results of ROUND ONE of 2013 Tier 2 playoffs:


District: 1
Location: Orono, ME
Final Score: Maine 45, Princeton 34
Notes: Unranked Tigers is being longshot when making into playoffs. Is coming from weak Division and only finishing season with 7-5 record, and is also already losing to Maine 31-27 in Week 5. However, even small Tigers are having big dreams, and like previous game, this playoff game is not complete massacre. But in end, is Black Bears of Maine winning again and crushing tiger dream, to play Buffalo Bulls in Round 2.


District: 2
Location: Conway, SC
Final Score: Towson 37, Coastal Carolina 29
Notes: Towson is having better Top Power rank, but game is being played in Coastal Carolina stadium because Chanticleers is beating Tigers 37-31 in Week 5. But Chanticleers is different team at that time. Is at one time in season Top Power rank #1 and last remaining unbeaten team in Tier 2! But then is losing 3 of final 4 games to end season like weakling. Towson is taking advantage and is winning glorious, second consecutive District 2 title to move to Round 2 playoff game vs. mighty North Texas.


District: 3
Location: Orangeburg, SC
Final Score: Florida Atlantic 36, South Carolina State 15
Notes: Here is big upset. Owls is taking down #3 Top Power Bulldogs in surprising easy win. SCSU is having 3rd best defense in Tier 2, and only losing one game all season (but okay, is maybe having easy schedule). FAU is playing stingy defense and is jumping Towson in Top Power rank. Is now sneaking up on Memphis in Round 2.


District: 4
Location: Memphis, TN
Final Score: Memphis 40, Chattanooga 10
Notes: In battle for bragging right across Tennessee SSR, Memphis is continuing under-sonar quest for championship glory with blowout victory of much weaker Mocs. Tigers is now having 10-game win streak, is also having 5th best defense in Tier 2. Is taking on Florida Atlantic in Round 2. Mocs is having surprising good season, but is now eliminated.


District: 5
Location: Charleston, IL
Final Score: Buffalo 47, Eastern Illinois 38
Notes: Here is game many is thinking is best match for first round. Both teams is having top offense (tied for 3rd in Tier 2). But in end, is better defense of Bulls that is destroying Cinderella dream season for EIU Panthers, who is enjoying great success for only first season of promotion to Tier 2 level. Aside from strange Week 10 loss to weak Eastern Kentucky, Buffalo is proving maybe strongest team in playoffs.


District: 6
Location: Fargo, ND
Final Score: North Dakota State 25, Tulane 24
Notes: Bison is having 2nd best defense of Tier 2, but is being put to test by fiesty Green Wave of Tulane, who is entering into North Dakota winter ready to play. But in end, NDSU is winning by smallest of margin, taking home District 6 title. Second round of playoffs is having next difficult test for Bison, who is playing Colorado State Rams, who are having top offense in Tier 2.


District: 7
Location: Denton, TX
Final Score: North Texas 32, UTSA 25
Notes: In game viewed by many in Texas SSR, #2 Top Power team Mean Green is taking down UTSA, who is another team having much success in only first year at Tier 2 level. UNT is having very good balance – high-scoring offense plus solid defense. Both will be put to test in Round 2 vs. dangerous Towson.


District: 8
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Final Score: Colorado State 39, UNLV 31
Notes: Even with four regular season losses, Rams is top offense in Tier 2 playoffs. Why so many losses? Because is also playing very poor defense. Lucky for Rams, in this game offense is scoring more points than defense is giving up to defending District 8 champion UNLV, who is unranked, and much weaker team this season. Rams is taking high-power offense to ultimate test in next round of playoffs vs. Top Power #1 North Dakota State.


For second round of playoffs, remaining teams are now being re-seeded, based on Top Power rank. Highest-seed team is playing lowest-seed team, and so forth. Higher seed team is home team. Here is second round schedule:

  • (1) North Dakota State (12-1, #1) vs. (8) Colorado State (9-4, #12)
  • (2) North Texas (12-1, #2) vs. (7) Towson (10-3, #9)
  • (3) Memphis (11-2, #3) vs. (6) Florida Atlantic (10-3, #8)
  • (4) Maine (11-2, #4) vs. (5) Buffalo (10-3, #6)

You are staying tuned to this website on Internet next week for more exciting Commie Football playoff games.

Road to Championship Glory is Only Now Beginning!

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December is time of football season for student athletes to focus on studies. If only reason for attending university is learning football, then why not creation of American Football Studies?

Privyet to all fans of American college football. What, you are not wanting college football season to be ending? You are feeling frustrated after favorite team is playing in meaningless bowl game named for corporation? You are feeling favorite team is only playing good at end of season and stupid one or two early losses is giving team no chance for title? Then you are coming to correct place, because in Commie Football, 2013 playoff season is having started just now!

When last you are reading here, 12-game regular season is ending and all teams is having mandatory break for month of December and winter holidays. Many players is also finishing studies and having graduation in winter. In Commie Football, is 100% graduation rate. How is this? Is because of creation of “American Football Studies” major. Players who are only at university to study/play football are receiving academic credit and diploma for effort. Job prospects is looking very good, now that new USFL is coming.

First round of Tier 1 playoffs is of course eight District Championship games, each played in special location as treat for players and fans. Every District is having two Divisions, so these games is meeting of two Division winners to decide champion of District. 16 teams total are making to playoffs. All else is in university dormitory, watching on television.

Here is results of ROUND ONE of 2013 playoffs:

District: 1
Location: East Rutherford, NJ
Final Score: Boston College 35, Penn State 29
Notes: Eagles is coming from maybe weakest Division/District in Tier 1, but is making impressive 9-0 vs. all other teams in District, including championship game. Is losing games only to tough UCF, Michigan, and Clemson. Nittany Lions is starting season 7-0, but is then losing three in row to Ohio State, Virginia, and Syracuse. Now season is over. Mediocre BC defense is next to face unbeaten, exploding Baylor offense in second round of playoffs.


District: 2
Location: Nashville, TN
Final Score: Louisville 29, Virginia Tech 18
Notes: Is second time this season Cardinals is beating Hokies (also winning 34-19 in Week 10). Louisville is having #2 defense and is at one time Top Power team in country, until losing 45-17 in Week 8 to Alabama. But is winning all rest of games to finish regular season Top Power rank #3. Are you believing that Hokies was Top Power rank #2 early in season? Is having decent defense, but worst offense for any team in playoffs is making doom for Hokies. Cardinals is moving on and playing Michigan State in Round Two.


District: 3
Location: Detroit, MI
Final Score: Michigan State 34, Ohio State 24
Notes: Spartans is one of biggest surprise teams of season. Is having #4 top defense and is losing only two games during regular season, but to curious weak opponents – Hoosiers of Indiana (38-18 loss in Week 3) and very bad Bobcats of Ohio (losing 18-16 in Week 5). But is now winning seven games in row. Buckeyes is starting season with high hopes and is having high-power offense to match, but is losing key rivalry games to Michigan (36-26 in Week 6) and final game of regular season, 44-38 to Cincinnati, who is maybe giving OSU bad hangover for title game. Spartans is now leaping Missouri in Top Power rank and is facing big challenge in Round 2 vs. Louisville Cardinals.


District: 4
Location: Tampa, FL
Final Score: Florida State 36, Alabama 26
Notes: Many fans is saying this is best game of all playoffs. Is rematch of 2012 District 4 Championship, and also Seminoles is losing to Crimson Tide 30-24 in Week 5 for only loss of 2013 season. Is having #3 top offense and #1 top defense in Tier 1. Alabama is losing two games early in season, but is then conquering all to win Division and climb Top Power rankings. Is playing #3 top defense and ruining undefeated records for West Virginia, Florida State, and Louisville along way. In epic battle, it is Seminoles who are tasting 36-26 victory. Next game vs. Missouri is maybe not even so difficult as this one?


District: 5
Location: Chicago, IL
Final Score: Missouri 37, Wisconsin 34
Notes: Badgers is looking for second consecutive District 5 title, but is losing 4 of final 6 games, including this game, which is rematch of Week 10 when Mizzou is also winning 20-15. Mizzou is losing opening day to Virginia, but is then winning nine in row and having strong defense until Week 11 close 30-27 defeat to Oklahoma State. Now is advancing to second round of playoffs vs. Florida State.


District: 6
Location: Houston, TX
Final Score: Oklahoma State 29, Houston 25
Notes: Cowboys is at one time this season #1 Top Power team, and is only losing stupid one game in Week 2 to lowly Louisiana Tech. Here is why Commie Football is better system – one early, stupid loss is not meaning season is over! Is no matter, Oklahoma State is in playoffs playing now and is defeating Cougars of Houston for District 6 title. Is facing Oregon Ducks in next round. Cougars is maybe most incognito team in playoffs, having middle-of-road offense and defense, but winning weak Division. Is still keeping this game close, but not good enough to win.


District: 7
Location: Glendale, AZ
Final Score: Baylor 40, Boise State 17
Notes: Baylor is remaining only undefeated team and is #1 Top Power rank in country. Also, Bears is now taking its top-scoring offense and top 10 defense in all Tier 1 to second round of playoffs as #1 seed, to face Eagles of Boston College from District 1. Is interesting fact, 2012 Commie Football champion Utah State is also coming from District 7. For Boise State, this is second blowout loss to Baylor this season (also 56-19 in Week 10). Season is finished for lowest-ranked team in playoffs.


District: 8
Location: San Francisco, CA
Final Score: Oregon 27, UCLA 23
Notes: Ducks was hot preseason pick for Commie Football championship, but was losing in upset opening week to Gamecocks of South Carolina. Later, Ducks was climbing high to #2 Top Power rank, until Week 11 defeat by Boise State. Ducks is having second-best offense in Tier 1, but defense is maybe not top level. UCLA is surprising nation with #4 top offense, but is not enough to bring home District 8 title. Ducks is now flying to Round 2 vs. Oklahoma State.


For second round of playoffs, remaining teams are now being re-seeded, based on Top Power rank. Highest-seed team is playing lowest-seed team, and so forth. To make old people happy, seven remaining games are being played in traditional bowl game locations (from east to west: Orange (FL), Peach (GA), Sugar (LA), Cotton (TX), Fiesta (AZ), Rose (CA), and Aloha (HI)). Higher-seed team in matchup is choosing which location for each game.

Here is what second round matches are looking like:

  • (1) Baylor (13-0, #1) vs. (8) Boston College (10-3, #11) – Cotton Bowl
  • (2) Florida State (12-1, #2) vs. (7) Missouri (11-2, #7) – Orange Bowl
  • (3) Louisville (12-1, #3) vs. (6) Michigan State (11-2, #6) – Peach Bowl
  • (4) Oklahoma State (12-1, #4) vs. (5) Oregon (11-2, #5) – Sugar Bowl

This is leaving Fiesta, Rose, and Aloha as remaining game locations.

In next day or two, we will review first round of Tier 2 playoffs, which is set up in same fashion as Tier 1.