Week 9: Oklahoma State is Striking Petrol

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In Week 9, Oklahoma State is striking petrol in District 6 North Division after 44-32 defeat of arch rival Sooners of Oklahoma.

In Week 9, Oklahoma State is striking petrol in District 6 North Division after 44-32 defeat of arch rival Sooners of Oklahoma.

After nine games, Baylor Bears (9-0, #1 Top Power rank) is last unbeaten team in all Commie Football. Baylor is taking care of its football business, winning  40-29 vs. Wildcats of Arizona and clinching District 7 playoff spot.

But other undefeated team, Sooners of Oklahoma (7-1, #6), is not taking care of its football business. Sooners is losing to rival Oklahoma State Cowboys 44-32, who is showing who is new best team of District 6.

Is time of season when some teams is beginning to clinch playoff spots. A few more teams is reserving its spot in first round of playoffs (which is District Championship game). Here is review:

  • District 1: With 36-25 victory over Connecticut, Boston College Eagles (7-2, #18) is clinching playoff spot in weak District 1 North Division. Penn State (7-2, #19) is having opportunity to punch playoff ticket in District 1 South, but is instead making large poop of game against Virginia Cavaliers, is losing  44-24.
  • District 2: Virginia Tech Hokies (8-1, #9) is only one more win from clinching North Division playoff spot. Former top power #1 team Louisville Cardinals (8-1, #4) is taking step closer in South with 45-13 dismantle victory over Vanderbilt. Gamecocks of South Carolina (6-3, #21) is helping Louisville by losing to big rival Clemson Tigers 32-27.
  • District 3: With huge 37-19 victory, Michigan State Spartans (7-2, #16) is leaping like frog Wolverines of Michigan (7-2, #13) for control in North Division. In South, Ohio State Buckeyes (7-2, #11) and Bearcats of Cincinnati (7-2, #15) is both winning and is moving closer to epic clash in Week 12 for all Ohio marbles.
  • District 4: Florida State Seminoles (8-1, #3) is controlling playoff destiny in District 4 East. LSU (8-1, #7) is also 8-1, but is helpless as Seminoles are winning games, because Tigers is losing to ‘Noles back in Week Two. Alabama Crimson Tide (7-2, #10) is leading in West Division one game over Auburn.
  • District 5: Badgers of Wisconsin (7-2, #17)  is receiving playoff boost when Minnesota Golden Gophers is winning in 26-16 upset of Northwestern. Missouri Tigers (8-1, #5) is clinching South Division playoff spot with 42-20 in Border War game over Kansas Jayhawks.
  • District 6: In South Division, Houston Cougars (7-2, #20) is making claim as top sheriff of Texas Administrative District after 28-22 victory over sad Longhorns. Of course, is only top because Baylor is playing in District 7 this season.
  • District 7: Top Power #1 team Baylor is clinching playoff spot, but who will Bears play in District 7 Championship Game? In North Division, BYU (5-4) is beating Boise State 37-20, but Broncos is still in control of division if can keep winning.
  • District 8: Ducks of Oregon (8-1) is flapping to #2 position in Top Power 25, with 48-12 victory over lowly Nevada Wolfpack. Bruins of UCLA (7-2, #12) is trying to prove is one of top teams, but is getting zhopa kicked 31-8 by rival USC Trojans (5-4). This is allowing Stanford Cardinal (7-2, #14) to catch in South Division standings!

Meanwhile, Down On the Tier 2…

  • Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (8-1, #6) is definition of flying too much in heat of sun! Is only having Top Power #1 spot for one week and is looking like should be easy victory in Week Nine against weak, winless Appalachian State. But Mountaineers is having other idea, and is showing Chanticleers that any team is beating any other team on “any given Saturday” and is handing CCU first loss of season in huge 40-29 upset victory. But no worry because Coastal Carolina is already clinching District 2 South playoff spot.
  • This is allowing Tulane Green Wave (8-1, #1) to be reclaiming Top Power #1 position. Is making fans of North Texas (8-1, #2) angry, because you are remembering Mean Green is having beat Tulane last week, but rankings is mystery of Russian supercomputer. Green Wave is also making ticket to District 6 Championship Game with easy 42-8 victory over Southern Miss.
  • South Carolina State (8-1, #5) is also clinching playoff spot in District 3 North. All other playoff races is still being very competitive.
  • Some interesting games of top teams is Northern Iowa (6-3, #16) losing 37-34 to South Dakota State; Youngstown State Penguins (6-3, #14) is losing huge 52-22 to Buffalo Bulls (7-2, #9); William & Mary (6-3, #15) is losing by unusual 12-8 score to Liberty Flames; Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (6-3, #17) is losing 24-20 to Southern Utah.

You are feeling a satisfying tension that such good competition in Commie Football is having for all American college football fans? Many dozens of teams is still dreaming of chance for glorious national championship victory, instead of only four teams and bogus, not-making-sense BCS capitalist joke system!

Week 8: Crimson Tide is Saying “I Must Break You” to Louisville Cardinals

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Alabama is beating #1 ranked Louisville Cardinals 45-17 in Week 8. Is greatest defeat for city of Louisville since Muhammad Ali is losing heavyweight boxing title to Ivan Drago.

Alabama is beating #1 rank Louisville Cardinals 45-17 in Week 8. Is greatest defeat for city of Louisville since Muhammad Ali is losing heavyweight boxing title to Ivan Drago.

Rising to number one rank in Commie Football Top Power 25 poll is glorious honor and as I am having said many time, is no easy road. Is even more difficult to stay at top spot, as Louisville Cardinals is finding out in Week Eight of Commie Football, after losing to Alabama Crimson Tide by score of 45-17.  Cardinals is now dropping to number 6 in Top Power 25, but most important – is still in first place in District 2 South Division playoff race, staying one game ahead of Gamecocks of South Carolina (6-2, #16).

New Top Power team in country is undefeated Baylor Bears of District 7, who is crushing Razorbacks of Arkansas 62-3 in Week Eight. True test for Baylor is in final weeks of season, when Bears is facing tough District opponents Arizona Wildcats (6-2, #23), Boise State (6-2, #19), and Sun Devils of Arizona State. Oh, and is also facing team that is used to being Czar of Texas administrative district, but is now knowing what is like for weak teams like SMU or Rice Owls or Baylor in old times – is Texas Longhorns (2-6), who is having terrible 2013 season, and is just losing 32-22 to Boise State in Week Eight.

Also in Week Eight:

  • District 1: Both Nittany Lions (7-1, #10) and Boston College (6-2, #22) is losing, but is not too much mattering because is weak District and both is in good position to make playoffs.
  • District 2: Hokies of Virginia Tech (7-1, #12) is beating Georgia Bulldogs 25-21 in close Week Eight game, and is leading North Division. Louisville is still team to beat in South Division.
  • District 3: Next week is huge game when Michigan Wolverines (7-1, #8) is facing rival Michigan State Spartans (6-2, #18) for North Division lead. In South, Ohio State Buckeyes and Bearcats of Cincinnati is tied with 6-2 record, and is setting stage for final Week Twelve fight to death.
  • District 4: Seminoles of Florida State (7-1, #3) and LSU (7-1, #9) is tied with same record, but ‘Noles is having beat LSU in Week Two, so is holding playoff edge. Crimson Tide (6-2, #13) is taking over first place of West Division after Auburn is losing in 38-27 upset to Wake Forest Demon Deacons.
  • District 5: Wisconsin Badgers (6-2, #21) is losing 50-47 in overtime thrill game to Oregon Ducks. Northwestern (6-2, #24) is winning 16-15 in close game vs. USC for tie at top of North Division. In South Division, Missouri Tigers (7-1, #7) is pulling away from other teams.
  • District 6: Fate of North Division is maybe being decided this week when unbeaten Sooners of Oklahoma (#2) is facing big rival Oklahoma State Cowboys (7-1, #11). In weak South Division, Houston Cougars (6-2, #25) is quietly winning games and making playoff run.
  • District 7: Upcoming Week 10 game of Baylor Bears vs. Boise State is looking like preview of District Championship game.
  • District 8: Oregon Ducks (7-1, #4) is opening two-game lead in North Division. In South Division, is Bruins of UCLA (7-1, #5) that is big surprise of season. Is facing archrival USC Trojans this week!

Tier 2: Who is Most Green?

On Tier 2 is also change at top of Top Power 25 ranking. Former top team Tulane Green Wave (7-1, #2) is being upset in Week Eight by North Texas Mean Green (7-1, #3) by score of 37-25. Why is Tulane still having higher rank than North Texas? Russian supercomputer is calculating scores and you are not worrying about it, okay?

Anyway, this is clearing way for surprise team to jump both to top of ranking – unbeaten Coastal Carolina Chanticleers of District 2! A “chanticleer” is a type of tough rooster. CCU is last remaining undefeated team in Tier 2. Is having easy schedule rest of season, so we are finding out if pressure of Top Power #1 position is making rooster choke!

Week 7: Playoffs is Not Place for Losers!

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In Week 7, many citizens of District 3 was on edge of seats as Fighting Irish of Notre Dame is ruining unbeaten season for Michigan Wolverines.

In Week 7, many citizens of District 3 is on edge of seats as Fighting Irish of Notre Dame is ruining unbeaten season for Michigan Wolverines.

Week 7 of 2013 Commie Football season is now written into history books!

In old BCS system, at end of football season almost every team, even mediocre team with barely winning or sometimes even LOSING record, is making to special invite bowl game.

In Commie Football, when season is over, many teams – even good teams with winning record – is going home to cry in college textbooks. After seven weeks, some teams is already eliminated from playoffs. Here is why – in Commie Football, teams must have SEVEN regular season wins to qualify for playoffs, even if team is best in division. Why is this? Because if 6-6 team makes to playoffs and loses in first round, this team is now finishing season with LOSING 6-7 record. Is unfair to better teams that is NOT making playoffs and is bringing great shame to all of college football! Already this season is some teams with 6 or 7 losses, so is already OUT of playoffs. As example, Toledo Rockets (District 3), Boilermakers of Purdue (District 5), and Buffaloes of Colorado (District 7) is having no wins.

But another question is – will all very bad teams be relegated to Tier 2 next season? Answer is NYET – is not just won-loss record that is determining fate. But we will have more discussion on this at later time.

Here is highlights of Week 7:

  • District 1: Boston College (6-1, #12) and Penn State (7-0, #4) is both having 3-game lead in respective division. Is likely to meet in District 1 Championship Game (first round of playoffs).
  • District 2: After easy 36-8 victory over rival Kentucky Wildcats, new #1 team in Top Power 25 is Louisville Cardinals (7-0, #1). But is only holding slim lead in division over Gamecocks of South Carolina (6-1, #9). Is setting stage for epic Week 12 clash!
  • District 3: Wolverines of Michigan (6-1, #10) is suffering first loss of season to Notre Dame Fighting Irish (3-4). Hoosiers of Indiana (5-2, #21) and Michigan State Spartans (5-2, #23) is silently sneaking up like KGB agent. Ohio State Buckeyes (5-2, #17) is tied with Bearcats of Cincinnati (5-2, #24) in South division.
  • District 4: Alabama Crimson Tide (5-2, #18) is having higher rank than Auburn (5-2, #25), but was losing to Tigers in Week Two, so must win division by whole game to make playoffs. In East division, LSU (6-1, #8) is in similar boat with Seminoles of Florida State (6-1, #6).
  • District 5: Fighting Illini of Illinois (4-3) is upsetting rival Northwestern (5-2), 32-21. This is putting Wisconsin Badgers (6-1, #14) in first place in division.
  • District 6: Unbeaten Sooners of Oklahoma (7-0, #2) is only squeaking by Tulsa Golden Hurricane 30-26, is dropping one spot in Top Power 25. Is meeting rival Oklahoma State (6-1, #15) in two weeks. Unranked Houston Cougars (5-2) is taking lead in South division after 28-21 defeat of pesky Rice Owls (4-3).
  • District 7: All Baylor Bears (7-0, #3) do is keep winning games. TCU (3-4) is having huge 31-29 upset, is spoiling plans of Texas Tech (5-2, #16). BYU (4-3) is winning easy over 2012 Champion Aggies of Utah State (4-3), who is looking more and more like Cinderella of last year.
  • District 8: In huge game, Ducks of Oregon (6-1, #5) is showing Washington Huskies (5-2, #20) who is boss in North division with 45-24 victory. In South, USC (4-3) is enjoying 33-26 upset over Stanford (5-2, #19), leaving Bruins of UCLA (6-1, #7) alone in first place.

Oh, and is many exciting development on Tier 2. But is late in night and is time for sleeping.

Whoah, 2013 Season is Half of Way There

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Some teams in Commie Football is only living on prayer.

Some teams in Commie Football is only living on prayer.

Is hard to believe that 2013 Commie Football regular season is already half of way to finish line. American college football fans is noticing there is not so many teams with undefeated record. With no cupcake games on schedule, only five teams in Tier 1 is still being unbeaten. Is best five teams on Top Power 25 rankings:

  1. Sooners of Oklahoma (District 6) is best team in nation at this time.
  2. Louisville Cardinals (District 2) is making steady climb up Top Power rankings.
  3. Baylor Bears (District 6) is scoring many points on offense.
  4. Wolverines of Michigan (District 3) is having nickname that is making central authority in Moscow feeling nervous.
  5. Penn State Nittany Lions (District 1) is enjoying benefit of playing in weak District.

On Tier 2 is also only five teams with zero losses:

  1. Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky (District 5) is looking like good balanced team.
  2. Tulane Green Wave (District 6) is maybe best team from very strong District.
  3. North Dakota State Bison (District 6) is setting up glorious battle for District title.
  4. Eastern Illinois Panthers (District 5) is surprise team, is only first season in Tier 2 and is scoring many points on offense.
  5. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (District 3) is having strange nickname that is meaning loud, angry rooster.

In second half of season, schedule is also very tough. Every team is playing three games against opponent in same division, four total in same District, plus one against other District and one for rivalry game (Week 11). Is big surprise when team is making it through regular season undefeated. As example, in 2012 only Ducks of Oregon is 12-0 at end of regular season but of course is losing in playoff game.

Like in Bon Jovi song “Living on Prayer” top teams from first half of season is trying to “hold on to what they got” because they are “half way there” to playoffs. Is hoping to not be “shot through the heart” like Ducks of Oregon in 2012 playoffs.