Week 2: Every Game is Not End of World

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Here is photo of Crimson Tide fans, after Iron Bowl loss to big rival Auburn.

Here is photo of Crimson Tide fans, after Week Two Iron Bowl upset by big rival Auburn.

In old BCS system, when top American college football team is losing one game, all fans is saying “Well, there goes our team’s BCS bowl hopes!” or “You just can’t lose during the regular season and expect to play for a national championship!” or “Our season is already over!” and “We’re just playing the next 10 games for pride!” and more as sad and ridiculous sayings.

In Commie Football, is no cupcake games, level of competition is much greater. Schedule is much more tough. Is very rare for one team to have undefeated season. As example, in 2012 Oregon Ducks is being only undefeated team in Tier 1 for regular season, but is losing Round 2 playoff game in upset to Utah State, which is having four losses during regular season and barely making playoff over Boise State from same division. Oregon is choking in big game to team that is barely making playoffs!

So all teams is suffering loss at some point in season. But, because is playoff system, even if team is losing one or two or three or four games, is still having 1 in 6 chance of making playoffs and fighting for championship.

All is to say – was many “upsets” of powerhouse teams in Week Two of Commie Football, but does not mean powerhouse teams is not making playoffs. Regular season is for 12 weeks and every team is still having fair chance.

Every Week is Rivalry Game

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Many fans in administrative district of Alabama is excited for Week Two Iron Bowl game of Crimson Tide vs. Auburn.

Many fans in Alabama administrative district is excited for Week Two Iron Bowl game of Crimson Tide vs. Auburn.

One of greatest things about Commie Football schedule is that every week is guaranteed historic rivalry games. Is built into structure – every team is in District with other teams from same geographic region, so many games is against opponent from same neck of woods. Is no more ridiculous West Virginia in Big 12 with teams like Texas and Oklahoma. Or Boston College play in same division as Florida State. Is not natural and is not what American college football fans is deserving. Old system is capitalist disgrace turning into nightmare!

Week Two in Commie Football is good example, is packed with many rivalry games, to include:

  • Alabama vs. Auburn in classic Iron Bowl
  • BYU vs. Utah in historic Holy War
  • East Carolina v. North Carolina State for historic Victory Barrel
  • Iowa State v. Missouri for much coveted Telephone Trophy
  • Marshall vs. Ohio in Battle for the Bell
  • Pitt vs. West Virginia in Backyard Brawl

Tier 2 is also featuring rivalry games, such like:

  • Eastern Washington vs. Montana for historic Governor’s Cup
  • New Mexico vs. New Mexico St. in Rio Grande Rivalry and winner getting Maloof Trophy
  • Also, is much Dakota on Dakota football action

Some people is saying “But… but… Alabama and Auburn always play in the last game of the season, and rivalry weekend is Thanksgiving weekend, when all of the classic rivalries are on TV, blah blah…” and I am saying to you – which is it you are prefer? Just ONE rivalry weekend all year, or exciting, intense rivalry games EVERY week? In Commie Football, TV rating is not most important. EVERY WEEK IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE IS NO CUPCAKE GAMES! Is no special treatment for large football powerhouse! Some years Alabama is playing Auburn in final game, and some years is in Week Two or Week Five! All is depending on previous season record.

In time, American college football fan is getting used to this and is loving this very much.

Week One Results

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First week of season is in books!

Is difficult to say much about early results as many student-athletes is more busy with textbooks and classroom studies of new academic year, and is not as concentrating on football. Still, glory of Commie Football is that EVERY WEEK IS IMPORTANT. Some teams will be having the regrets later in season because of mistakes made in Week One.

Did Aggies of Utah State defend title against Ohio State in Week One?

Here is photo of anxious fans for Aggies of Utah State watching Week One game versus Ohio State. All world is thinking championship last season was fluke.

Week One is kicking off season in special way because all teams is playing team from other District. Every season, team is arranged by rank within its District and then matched to play against same-ranked team in other District. So strong teams is playing other strong teams, weak teams is playing other weak teams, etc. Is no cupcake games!

Most interesting match from Week One was defending champion (some say fluke) Aggies of Utah State vs. Buckeyes of Ohio State, which is considered top team coming into season. Also intrigue match is Crimson Tide of Alabama vs. Longhorns of Texas. Who is winning? Click here for Week One scores. Also is now 2013 Standings page.

On Tier 2, defending champion Troy Trojans is playing against tough Lobos of New Mexico team. Also new relegated teams from Tier 1: FIU, Southern Miss, Western Michigan, UTEP, Wyoming, Hawaii – how is teams responding to new Tier 2 status? Is fighting way back? Find out here.

Important note: Some Tier 2 scores is not yet available from Russian supercomputer.