Week 4 Looking Back

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Tier 2 District 1 is having truoble with reporting scores, but troubles is now finished.

Tier 2 District 1 is having trouble with reporting scores. Troubles is now finished.

Commie Football 2013 season is now one-third finished. Biggest headache of early season is in Tier 2/District 1, where scores for some teams from first few weeks is not being reported, making Tier 2 standings not complete. All of these scores is now being reported, so fans of Tier 2 can now see full results for first four weeks.

Tier 1: Sooners is Rising to Top

After easy victory over Vanderbilt 24-10, undefeated Sooners of Oklahoma is now rising to top spot in Top Power 25 ranking. Seminoles of Florida State is also unbeaten, but is falling one spot to #2. You remember that ranking is being based not just on own record and strength, but also record/strength of opponent.

Every District is still having one or more unbeaten team. All but District 5, which is having many 3-1 teams, with Wildcats of Northwestern being top rated (#23). Is some surprising 4-0 teams, such as Washington Huskies (District 8, #9), Arizona Wildcats (District 7, #7) and Houston Cougars (District 6, #11). On other side, is most surprising 0-4 team Texas Longhorns, which is even losing to weak teams as Warhawks of Louisiana-Monroe and Rice Owls!

Tier 2: Mean Green Boogaloo

With Tier 2/District 1 scores now reporting, is great leap in Top Power 25 ranking of undefeated Brown Bears (now #6). Also having good season is 2012 top contender Towson Tigers (District 2), which is climbing to #2 in ranking. Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (4-0, #3) is winning battle of top teams with 35-19 beating of 2012 champion Troy Trojans (3-1), which is falling whole way out of Top Power 25. Panthers of Eastern Illinois (District 5) is just making leap to Tier 2 from Tier 3 this season, and already in Top 10 at #4. Is surprising traditional powerhouse teams still looking for first win, is include Appalachian State, Villanova, Furman, UAB.

You are seeing how Commie Football is making many surprises. Is revealing many things about American college football you are not expecting, yes?


For All Teams, Schedule is Having No Cupcakes

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Here is photo of team Seminoles of Florida State is scheduling for 2014 opening game.

Here is photo of team Seminoles of Florida State is scheduling for 2014 opening game.

In old system, American powerhouse college football teams is taking three or four weeks of playing practice game against cupcake opponent from weaker level. Is almost competition in seeing who is playing weakest team and which powerhouse team can score 100 points in game first. Nobody is surprised when Top 10 team is playing first game of season against junior college. Every team is saying “we are good team because we are 3-0!” and every coach is saying “I had winning streak!” when team is only playing games against pee wee league and women’s penitentiary.

Is maybe good deal for weaker school, who is being paid many American dollars to be beaten like runt dog in street. But is bad deal for football fans, who is paying many dollars to watch this boring game. Is bad deal for football players on both teams, who is either not having true test of strength, or is coming to Kalashnikov fight with only small bayonet.

In Commie Football, is no cupcake games! All teams is only playing other teams on same Tier (96 teams on Tier 1, 96 teams on Tier 2). Da, some teams on Tier is having bad season and is becoming very weak, but at end of season, weakest teams is moving down to lower Tier, and strong teams from lower Tier can be moving up to higher Tier. This is keeping competition level fair from season to season.

Commie Football Schedule BreakdownHere, chart is showing how Commie Football schedule is being organized. Is best system for having entertaining game every week and testing all teams for truly seeing which is best team.

Week Four Preview 

You are looking at chart? You see Week Four is having teams from one District play same seed team from other District, like as in Week One. Is second of three such games in season. Is creating many interesting games with teams from different parts of country, to include:

  • #5 Stanford (3-0) vs. #10 Utah State (3-0), 2012 Champion
  • #12 Michigan (3-0) vs. #22 Kansas State (2-1)
  • #2 Oklahoma (3-0) vs. #13 Vanderbilt (3-0)
  • #8 Penn State (3-0) vs. Florida (2-1)
  • #23 UCLA (2-1) vs. Boise State (2-1)
  • #19 Oregon (2-1) vs. #25 Arizona State (2-1)

On Tier 2 is also many high-rated matches, to include:

  • #3 Western Kentucky (3-0) vs. #13 Troy (3-0), 2012 Champion
  • #10 Towson (3-0) vs. #12 Southern Miss (3-0)
  • #2 Youngstown State (3-0) vs. Alabama State (2-1)
  • #14 Sam Houston State (3-0) vs. #24 Hawaii (2-1)
  • #6 Tulane (3-0) vs. North Carolina A&T (2-1)
  • #7 Northern Iowa (3-0) vs. #19 Old Dominion (2-1)
  • #8 Montana (3-0) vs. UTSA (2-1)

Every week is so many good games for American college football fans, all is arguing over which game to be watching on home television.

Football Poll is Simple Math Problem

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New Top Power 25 system is being from inspiration of famous Soviet mathematician Sofya Yanovskaya.

New Top Power 25 system is being from inspiration of famous Soviet mathematician Sofya Yanovskaya.

In old system, every week is American college football ranking appearing in newspaper. Group of “experts” is picking 25 teams as best and strongest teams in country, and then all football fans is having arguments on internet for remaining days of week about how unfair system is.

American college football fans is right! System is very corrupt because experts is receiving money from boosters at college football team headquarters, to vote for this team as being better or this other team is being worst! Later, college football is making BCS Standings, and saying is supercomputer that is picking Top 25 teams. But computer formula is only one small piece of puzzle! Opinion of “expert” is still making large pieces of puzzle! All college football fans is arguing even more!

Commie Football is solving problem by making new Top Power 25 ranking. Is all generated by Russian supercomputer algorithm, so is without corrupt sickness as filthy college football program booster slush money, or blind loyalty to college football team that is making brain turn off and vote for same team in poll every week, or newspaper boss is wanting to sell more newspapers and is making local team top in poll. NYET! Is complex formula of won-loss record, points for/against, and also being combined with opponents’ won-loss record and points for/against.

First team in #1 position of Tier 1 Top Power 25 is Seminoles of Florida State (from District 4), who is undefeated 3-0. In Tier 2, #1 team right now is Mean Green of North Texas (District 7), also 3-0. Champions of 2012 Utah State Aggies is rank #10 (Tier 1) and Troy Trojans is rank #13 (Tier 2).

Math is not having emotions of human. Is better system.

Old Rivalry is Never Dying Again

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In Commie Football, natural rivals is playing every season, such as Pitt and Penn State in Week Three.

In Commie Football, you are seeing natural rivals is playing every season, such as Pitt and Penn State, Week Three.

Commie Football is better system because two teams in same geographic region are always in same District*, so many natural rival games is being set in iron. Iron is never broken apart by television contract or stupid, making-no-sense, capitalist conference alignment.

As example, schedule this week is seeing game between rivals from old history, Pitt Panthers and Nittany Lions of Penn State. Is shame of all American college football when great rivalry is broken in two pieces, only because of chasing American dollar bill.

* Only exception is when one team is playing such bad season, team is being relegated to lower Tier. Also, in case when too many teams are fitting in same District, like Oklahoma Sooners and Nebraska Cornhuskers – is why one game on schedule every season (Week Eleven) is being left open for game against rival team that is not already on schedule.  

Preview of Week Three

Is another week of team playing team from same Division, same District. Is many more geographic rival games, to include:

  • Auburn (2-0) vs. Georgia (1-1) in Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry
  • Duke (1-1) vs. North Carolina (0-2) for famous Victory Bell
  • Iowa (1-1) vs. Iowa State (0-2) for less-famous Cy-Hawk Trophy
  • Kansas (1-1) vs. Kansas State (1-1) for glorious Governor’s Cup
  • Louisiana-Lafayette (1-1) vs. Louisiana-Monroe (1-1) in Battle on the Bayou
  • Maryland (1-1) vs. Navy (1-1) in Crab Bowl Classic

Also is rivalry games with no catching nickname, but still is feeling pure hatred of fans on both sideline:

  • Alabama (1-1) vs. Ole Miss (0-2)
  • Florida (1-1) vs. Miami (FL) (0-2)
  • Baylor (2-0) vs. TCU (1-1)

Having very good record against teams in own Division is very important for making playoffs at end of season. Here is other Week Three games to be watching:

  • Arkansas State (2-0) vs. Oklahoma (2-0)
  • Kent State (2-0) vs. Ohio State (1-1)
  • Northern Illinois (2-0) vs. Northwestern (2-0)

You are seeing, every week in Commie Football season very exciting.