.RU serious?

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Soviet Police

Here is photo of last person who is trying to switch from .ru domain to .com domain (is person being dragged off train by agents of KGB).

Da, is very serious question. Last season, Commie Football is having a website with .ru domain name. Is staying true to mother country and is thinking nothing is unusual. But soon as word of glorious new American college football website is going viral, already is visitors complaining, saying “I can’t go see your site, man. The firewall where I work won’t let me go to any .ru websites” or others is saying as example, “Did you send me some weird like, Russian football website or something? I saw it was a .ru website and I was just like, that’s totally spam, dude…”


Is NOT spam! Firewall is then broken! Is People’s Union of American College Football! And is greatest idea for college football since invention of college football!

Anyway, is fixed now. Here you are seeing new shiny website at www.commiefootball.com. So is easier for you to remember name and easy to visit, even while at work (unless you are working in Uzbek gold mine, where is no Internet). Now go and tell friends.

Almost Dying in Gulag

In moving website to new domain name, is causing many problem. In Russia, you are not leaving .ru domain name — .ru domain name is leaving you… dead in ditch if you are not paying enough rubles! Is also great embarrassment for government – website is DEFECTING to American domain name service! Is looking bad.

All is to say, new site is right now work in progress during transition. Is bit of mess, but will be cleaning soon. But have no worry Р2013 schedule is set and Russian supercomputer is making calculations again for this season. Can Aggies of Utah State repeat surprise championship victory from last season? Is shocking whole world two times?!

So please you are saying “hello” to new People’s Union of American College Football website at commiefootball.com and you are staying tuned.